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November 30th

ESA CERN Contact Successful


On Tuesday, November 22, eighteen students attending the ESA CERN Geneva Science Festival each asked a question of Bill McArthur, KC5ACR, via the telebridge station, NN1SS, in Greenbelt, Maryland. The event was attended by approximately 300 students and teachers, and at least one television station and a professional photographer. ESA will edit and post a video of the contact on its website in the near future.

PY4MAB – Thu, 2005 – 12 – 01 03:28

Bill continues to be active


Bill was active today (Nov 30) during the 1855 UTC and 2130 UTC passes over N. America. It appears that he is trying to be on the air during his post work time. The crew schedule is posted at the link below and should help narrow down the possible times he could operate.

Kenneth - N5VHO

PY4MAB – Thu, 2005 – 12 – 01 03:28

NA1SS contact with Naval Academy

ISS Amateur Radio

The former Army Capt. Bill McArthur said "GO ARMY beat NAVY" recorded the pass. KB1GVR.

KB1GVR – Thu, 2005 – 12 – 01 03:27