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ISS Radio Report

5 years 42 weeks ago
nothing heard over Brazil - GI84ov.
PS8RF – Mon, 2008 – 06 – 30 16:52

Ham Radio in Space: Celebrating 45 years of women in space

Space News

In ham radio space related news, word that special event station R45VT is on the air. This, to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova becoming the first woman in space.

Tereshkova flew to orbit on June 16th 1963 as pilot onboard Vostok 6. Her call sign during the flight was Chaika. She spent 71 hours in space orbiting the Earth 48 times.

Since that time women have made a significant contribution to space exploration and many of them have been licenced Radio Amateurs. A few of the many notable women space explorers since Valentina Tereshkova include American Sally Ride and the United Kingdom's Helen Sharman to mention only a few.

PY4MAB – Mon, 2008 – 06 – 30 14:06