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Is anyone Hearing or Making any Voice Contacts with ISS?

I have been trying for many ISS passes, over the last few days to make voice contacts on 2 meter 144.490 tx and 145.800 Rx using a 3 element yagi and a kenwood TM-261 with no luck of hearing a transmission or making a contact. I am new to this. Is anyone having any luck? Maybe I am doing something wrong? Are they not just communicating right now? I am using this site for Keps and also HRD, and there seems to be a difference in the time frame of the two models, one being ahead of the other. Any advice as to make these contacts with ISS would be greatly appreciated, i.e. specs etc.

W4AJC – Mon, 2011 – 06 – 20 20:19

ISS Radio Report 31724

2 years 43 weeks ago
Anonymous – Mon, 2011 – 06 – 20 15:05

ATV-2 Undocks; Spacewalk Preps, Science, Maintenance for Crew

ISS Status Report

Filled with trash and unneeded cargo, the "Johannes Kepler" Automated Transfer Vehicle-2 (ATV-2) undocked from the aft port of the International Space Station’s Zvezda service module at 10:46 a.m. EDT Monday and will be deorbited for a destructive re-entry in Earth’s atmosphere. The European Space Agency supply ship delivered seven tons of cargo when it docked on Feb. 24.

N5VHO – Mon, 2011 – 06 – 20 13:49

ARISS Status June 20, 2011


Topics in this report:
1. Upcoming School Contact
2. Germany Contact to be Rescheduled
3. AMSAT Covers ARISSat-1
4. Astronaut Training Status
5. Debrief Session Held with Expedition 26/27 Crew Members

1. Upcoming School Contact
An Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact has been scheduled for Nankan 4th Elementary School in Tamanagun, Kumamoto, Japan on Tuesday, June 21 at 09:00 UTC. Through this opportunity students will learn about the mission of the International Space Station and about amateur radio technology.

2. Germany Contact to be Rescheduled

N5VHO – Mon, 2011 – 06 – 20 13:49

Get ready for ARRISat-1 SSTV reception


The ARISSat-1 FM downlink on 145.950 MHz includes live SSTV images as part of the cycling voice ID, select spoken telemetry values, and the international greeting messages.

Here are some pointers to help you get your station ready to receive and display the SSTV pictures transmitted by ARISSat-1.

PY4MAB – Mon, 2011 – 06 – 20 13:46

NASA looks for more ISS Amateur Radio contacts

ISS Amateur Radio

NASA is seeking U.S. formal and informal education institutions and organizations, individually or working together, to host an Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, or ARISS, contact between the dates of January 15 and July 15, 2012.

PY4MAB – Mon, 2011 – 06 – 20 13:45