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Amateur Radio Newsline Covers ARISS


On April 6, Amateur Radio Newsline report #1808 included a story about the sessions that will be held at Dayton Hamvention to recruit ARISS mentors. The article, “Ham Radio in Space: ARISS Mentor Introduction at Dayton 2012” may be found at:

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Australian Students Radio ISS


On Tuesday, April 3, St. Anthony's Parish Primary School in Canberra, Australia established an Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact with Dan Burbank, KC5ZSX on the ISS via Australian telebridge station VK5ZAI. The contact was integrated into the school space curriculum. In addition to the contact, students participated in hands-on activities such as creating space-related posters and designing their own space stations.

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ISS Radio Report

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Russian talks over Denmark
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US space companies prepare for space station docking

Space News

Two US rocket companies are readying the first private space missions to the International Space Station (ISS).

SpaceX and Orbital both have multi-billion dollar Nasa contracts to supply cargo to the station, filling the void left by the retirement last year of the space shuttle.

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