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December 30th

Anyone heard the ISS recently?

What is happening with the radios on the ISS? I haven't been monitoring very often but it used to be that every time I did when there was a pass there would either be packet or, on rare occasions, someone calling CQ or QRZ. Of course, apart from when Bill McArthur was up there it was mostly packet. But at least that was something... Now what do we get? Silence.

Do they only use the radio for school contacts now?

Can anyone shed any light on the subject? Are we ever to hear anything more from the ISS?



M0MJH – Sat, 2006 – 12 – 30 11:35

Is it just me or what?

Is it just me or is there something wrong with the main page? All the stuff on the left and right sides of the main page are there, but the middle text and stories are about two pages down, leaving a big blank spot on the top middle of the page..... When I navigate to other pages, like this page, all seems o.k., but the main page, maybe one or two others have that problem. Thanks, Terry

n0vjn – Sat, 2006 – 12 – 30 06:00

December 21st

RAFT and ANDE reports

Feel free to post any reports and telemetry info from these satellites here.

N5VHO – Thu, 2006 – 12 – 21 16:43

December 17th

IFC meeting in the US?

Hello all,

what about a IFC meeting in NYC? I should be in Manhattan during the first week of 2007.
I dont have a clue about how many users we have from around there so If you're interested please drop me a line.
Alternatively we could organize a HF net on 40 meters but we need a control station. All I will eventually have is a TS-50S and a dipole. Is anybody interested?


alain – Sun, 2006 – 12 – 17 10:52

December 13th


Hello to the group. Has anyone come across or does anyone know if the ISS or NASA has a logged list of amatuer radio contacts besides the school contacts that can be viewed?

de NV5H

NV5H – Wed, 2006 – 12 – 13 19:52

Solar activity vs. EVA

i was looking at space and saw this listed

NOTE: A radiation storm just underway has overwhelmed solar wind sensors onboard NASA's ACE spacecraft. Solar wind readings reported above are temporarily unreliable.

aslo heard mentioned on nasa tv that the crew(s) were told to goto a special place on the iss becuase of radiation concerns.... will or could this solar activity effect the time line of the space walks???

kb0zuu – Wed, 2006 – 12 – 13 09:47

December 12th

Charles Simonyi - no radio contacts

Charles Simonyi says on his [url=]website[/url]: Q: Do you have or will you obtain your amateur radio license so you can operate onboard the ISS? A: No, I plan to communicate with people through the Internet.
Kosmonavtka – Tue, 2006 – 12 – 12 23:46

December 11th

Voice reports!

Hello All,

In case some of you hear crew in voice post as soon as
possible in the issfanclub voice status, so other ifc members
can jump direct to the radio (hi!).
I realy can imagen someone gets exited after his
voice contact and forget to post.
Do not worrie better late than no posting.

73's Cor PD0RKC

pd0rkc – Mon, 2006 – 12 – 11 12:23

December 10th





PY4MAB – Sun, 2006 – 12 – 10 14:42