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July 30th


Why is the ISS-callsign changed to rs0iss-4? Is this another packet radio system on board of the station? Do I have to put this new callsign in my unproto path? or can still use ARISS?
I have tried to connect to rs0iss-4, rs0iss-3, and rs0iss-11, but none of them replied to me.
I use use only 5 watts output which is very low, I must admit, but this was always enough to work the station in the past. I also notice that only a few hams are still able to get thru to the ISS. So I think I am not the only one having difficulties.

ON5APO – Mon, 2006 – 07 – 31 00:32

July 26th

SSTV news

I noticed this on the ARRL home page:

Astronaut Vinogradov has set up a camera and may transmit SSTV over Moscow this weekend.

73 - Zach KM7I

KM7I – Wed, 2006 – 07 – 26 15:30

July 24th

Working ISS Voice


My name is Louis, K6LPB. I am in Southern California, Los Angeles county. Is the ISS crew working anybody on 144.490 uplink for ITU Region 2. Would really like to talk to the ISS from my QTH in Southern California. Please let me know if they are ever listening for Region 2.


73 de K6LPB

K6LPB – Mon, 2006 – 07 – 24 13:23



i would like to know if the APRS-Digipeater on the ISS also digipeates RELAY-Paths?

my mobile-trx is configured with RELAY,WIDE3-3

is it possible that my mobile aprs-signal can be digipeated with this configuration? otherwise i would have to change the settings too often! i know that RS0ISS-3 and ARISS work ... but what about RELAY?



OE5REO – Mon, 2006 – 07 – 24 09:06

July 20th

I have any chance RX packet in audio mode ?

Hi all,

i'm a total newbie of digital modes... the question is this: i have mixw software coupled "on air" :) (so PC mic near receiver hearphone..) and i take good decoding of bpsk31, rtty, cw over all the HF spectrum.

Since i receive with a home made dipole the packet signal @145.800 FM every ISS pass from s3 to s8-9, i have any chance to do the same work of other modes letting Mixw in Packet mode and audio "air coupled" ?? I try, but burst frames is too short to understand if i'm ok in the waterfall and other settings...

Thanks and apologise for my very-very-newbie-question.

Cristiano, Italy in JN61sp, IC706MKIIg and dipoles, dipoles, dipoles :)

Anonymous – Thu, 2006 – 07 – 20 07:17