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June 27th


Hi, someone can help me to setup ui-view for aprs operations via iss?
73 IT9Dav

IT9DAV – Wed, 2012 – 06 – 27 13:48

June 26th

Did someone forget to pull the plug.

See a lot of excitement of packet from the ISS back on VHF 145.825. Did someone forget up there to pull the plug today after the school contact. I monitor these frequencies and seems that the reports are accurate of activity. Just saying after all the discussion on switching to UHF til September....

W4ZZA – Tue, 2012 – 06 – 26 20:39

June 25th

Still doing the ISS Achievement Award?

I was able hit the APRS Digipeater on the ISS last night on UHF 437.550 with my son, and because he was very excited I wanted to send away for QSL card and also the ISS Achievement Award from:

but looking at the processing log, I haven't seen any since 2011. Are you still doing it?



ke5uuo – Mon, 2012 – 06 – 25 14:00

List of International Space Station expeditions

For some of us it might be interesting to see which crew members
are selected for future ISS missions.
The wiki page also give a view of current and completed expeditions.

73's Cor PD0RKC

pd0rkc – Mon, 2012 – 06 – 25 08:32

June 17th

Record audio

Hello, is there anyone That have à audio of THE pass of pi9iss on 17-6-2012


pd1apm – Sun, 2012 – 06 – 17 16:32

June 13th

I gate help

Hi all,

I have set up an i-gate and I am feeding digi traffic on 437.550 back into the aprs system. I do not think I have it working correctly as the packets I am hearing are not being gated. I am using uiss (new version and pro) and using the stagnate add on. I placed p/ariss/rs0iss in the filter section. Unpronto path is set to ariss.

So my typical aprs:
Fm wu2v to apeg02 via ariss then aprs info. Is the apeg02 correct? Seems like it auto changes back to that even if i select something else..

Thanks for the help



WU2V – Wed, 2012 – 06 – 13 19:12

June 10th

Field Day Operation on ISS ?

Anyone know if there is a plan for ops to be on the air during Field Day June23/4?

HamsatguyinCA – Mon, 2012 – 06 – 11 02:10

June 8th

Is VHF going to be permanently replaced by UHF for amateur packet?

Since the power plug outlet that was used by the Kenwood D700 has apparently been trumped by the air purifier, is there a possiblilty that packet will be permanently shifted from the original 145.825 VHF to UHF? That might disrupt a lot of amateurs' ability to work the ISS digipeater, including my own.

K3AS – Fri, 2012 – 06 – 08 21:51

June 4th

Kenwood D700, Packet Status

ARISS/NASA guru Ken Ransom N5VHO reports that the ISS' Kenwood D700 radio is off due to an air purifier running in the Service Module 24/7, and it uses the same power outlet that the Kenwood radio uses.

They only power the purifier off for scheduled ham events and then re-activate right afterwards.

Ken also advises that Flight Engineer Pettit reports the Columbus radio should be back up on packet operating on 437.550.


K6LCS – Mon, 2012 – 06 – 04 11:26

Kenwood D700 Status

ARISS/NASA guru Ken Ransom N5VHO reports that the ISS' Kenwood D700 radio is off due to an air purifier running in the Service Module 24/7, and i