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August 14th, 2015

ISS contact for Fleurance Astronomy Festival, France.

Heard good voice communication from RS0ISS in contact with IK1SLD for the Fleurance Astronomy Festival in France. (Friday 14th August 2015, at 19:41 UTC.) This is the first time I have heard a voice TX from the ISS... It's great to hear a "voice from space!" Equipment in use = Yaesu VX150 hand-held TX/RX with helical whip antenna. Location = IO93ia in central England.

Simon C – Fri, 2015 – 08 – 14 18:04

August 9th

14 august NEW iss contact with france in europe !

ARISS contact for Astronomy Festival in France audible in Europe

An International Space Station contact is planned for Fleurance Astronomy Festival, College H. Reeves, Fleurance, France. The event is scheduled for Friday August 14 at 19:42 UTC, which is 21:42 CEST. This will be a telebridge radio contact between RS0ISS and IK1SLD.

The signals from space will be audible in Europe on 145.800MHz FM.

IW2BSF – Sun, 2015 – 08 – 09 14:17

August 7th

Downlink and uplink for voice contact are still working?

Hi everybody!

I have been trying some contact with ISS since a few days ago but without some results, are the same frequencies still?

Downlink 145.800
Uplink 144.490

Is not necessary a subaudible tone, right?


NachoCR – Fri, 2015 – 08 – 07 20:09

August 5th

Saturday 9 august ARISS new contact !

ARISS contact for Scouts Jam in Illinois audible in Europe

An International Space Station contact is planned for Space Jam 9, Rantoul, Illinois, USA. The event is scheduled for Saturday August 8, 2015 at approximately 16.58 UTC (18.58 CEST). This will be a telebridge radio contact between OR4ISS and IK1SLD.

The signals from space will be audible in Europe on 145.800MHz FM.

IW2BSF – Wed, 2015 – 08 – 05 06:15

August 4th


G'day forum,

We have a facebook page called to raise money for robot legs for people with cerebral palsy.

The general concept of cardoughnuts is a smile, a car and a doughnut in a photo posted on the facebook page above - and "like" the page.

A picture of a doughnut with the ISS in the background or even the earth in the background through the hole in a doughnut would be absolutely awesome.

john.drain – Wed, 2015 – 08 – 05 03:38

August 1st

Is the packet down??

Hi all,

Almost two days since I have heard anything. Anybody know whats happening with 145.825??

GaryMortimer – Sun, 2015 – 08 – 02 01:07


Hello everybody,

I'm trying to use my Yaesu FT-847 for ISS Packet Radio and this is a nightmare !

As you know, in full duplex mode, this transceiver can't be used on the same band and in simplex mode, CAT interface don't manage the VFO B so there is no way to correct the doppler frequency for TX but only for RX ! It's a shame for such a transceiver...

F4BPP – Sat, 2015 – 08 – 01 11:35

Steps for Packet to ISS using Raspberry Pi and TNC-Pi

I am in no way a technical writer, but I tried to capture the steps I took to configure the equipment, and successfully have a packet digipeated by ISS.

Please note, I had never been exposed to APRS or packet until about 7 days before attempting this. And I could not find such a document with my setup, so I decided to put this together. Maybe it will help others who gave up in frustration.


kk4yel – Sat, 2015 – 08 – 01 08:32

July 27th

Baofeng and APRSdroid

Hello everybody,

for few months I try to understand what does it mean to be radioamateur. For few times I heard astronauts and cosmonauts from ISS. Last week I recieved my first SSTV.

And now I feel that its time for another step: APRS comunication with somebody on "the other side" of the EarthI supposed that it could be 3.000km at maximum range, maybe.

But I try to understand, how to set up my Baofeng UV-5R and really famous aplication APRDdroid. I have started tracking, but stil is there problem to send "music" from android to handheld radio. I learn something from here

marcellino4 – Mon, 2015 – 07 – 27 16:59

July 21st

Yaesu VX-8DR need help with settings

Has anyone used a new VX-8DR? I would like to get a QSL card. There is a YouTube video for the VX-8D but it seems different than the DR. This is also a new toy, still learning how to use it.
Thanks & 73, Rob

kc0weo – Tue, 2015 – 07 – 21 15:37

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