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March 22nd, 2013


Please Kenneth.

I received packet frames from ISS it this moment and i heard the packet sound´s are diferent.

Iss Crew change the radio equipament ?

TM 700 is changed for other kenwood ?

Mauricio Beraldo PY4MAB bRAZIL

PY4MAB – Fri, 2013 – 03 – 22 21:19

March 21st


Ariss downlink is 145.825, but what is the uplink frequency, is it still 145.825 ?

9H1FF – Thu, 2013 – 03 – 21 10:22

March 14th

Micro watts?

I am aware that the ISS is currently using it's standby radio as the Kenwood is faulty but for the past few weeks the signal on 145.825 MHz has been very much down i.e. S4 instead of it's usual 30's +.

Is the Erricson radio transmitting micro watts?

Cheers Dave G7UZN

Dave Dawson – Thu, 2013 – 03 – 14 08:28

March 13th

Contacting ISS

When is possible to contact the ISS?? Do they monitor for regular hams?? If so when.

Butch – Wed, 2013 – 03 – 13 13:30

March 4th

Audio Upload

I uploaded a recording last week of the ISS speaking with a science group in CT. It has yet to hit the Ham Radio Contacts page. Why does it take so long to be posted?

W3MAT – Mon, 2013 – 03 – 04 16:03

March 3rd

Is BBS Working?

Hi, Jim here, W1JT, just South of Boston MA. I'm a packet veteran but brand new to working the ISS.
I am having a challenge logging into the BBS on board the spacecraft and I'm hoping someone can point out what I'm doing wrong.
I can VERY easily connect to RS0ISS which appears to be more of a keyboard to keyboard type of connection.
When I try to connect to RS0ISS-11 (which I am thinking is the BBS) I just get my 10 retries and then nothing.
Is there an additional step that I'm leaving out?
Is the BBS -11?
Any help is really appreciated!
73 Jim - W1JT

w1jt – Sun, 2013 – 03 – 03 11:51

February 26th

ISS Space Station animation buildup trough the years.

I have found a fantastic website wich shows in a flash
animation how the ISS Space Station is builded
trough the years till how it is now.
Really worth to visit:

The ISS Kenwood TM-D700 & TM-D710 radios are in the Zvezda Service Module.

The ISS Ericsson radio is installed in the European Colombus module:

pd0rkc – Tue, 2013 – 02 – 26 15:03

February 20th

ARISS contact readable in Europe

An International Space Station school contact has been planned February 22, 2013 with participants at Uplands Elementary School, Penticton, BC, Canada. The event is scheduled to begin at approximately 19:36 UTC , which is 20:36 CEWT. Chris Hadfield KC5RNJ/VA3OOG will answer students questions.
The contact will be a telebridge operated by IK1SLD, located in Northern Italy. Interested parties in Europe are invited to listen to dowlink signals on 145.800 MHz FM. The contact will be conducted in English.

LZ4SC – Thu, 2013 – 02 – 21 03:49

February 19th

NASA loses contact with ISS

I understand that NASA lost contact today with the ISS after they had switched to a backup computer system to upgrade the primary.

Contact appears to have been restored but only every 90 minutes and only on the Russian frequencies.

Guess we won't be hearing any Amateur radio from them for a couple days ...