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October 20th, 2013

what is moving behind ISS October 19

I watched ISS this evening in the sky over the west of Ireland, very clearly, and travelling behind it is something with two flashing lights. Not as bright but following the same course as ISS moved eastwards.

What is this?

oedipus – Sun, 2013 – 10 – 20 14:17

September 27th

Hearing nothing

I have not heard anything from ISS for the past few days. Anyone know what is going on up there?

w8krf – Fri, 2013 – 09 – 27 23:36

September 17th

record breaking

this is just in some breaking news when yuri Lonchakov resigned from the Russian space agency this month people have been wondering who will fill in and take his place and today we know Gennady padalka will become Soyuz tma 16m commander and will become flight engineer on expedition 43 and commander of expedition 44 this will make

griffinh – Tue, 2013 – 09 – 17 15:44

the cygnus launch on september 18th

a new chapter is about to begin for the ISS and spaceflight in general orbital sciences Cygnus will launch on its demo spaceflight to the ISS on September 18th carrying 1,200 pounds of cargo to the ISS and when it undocks it will take down 2,000 pounds of waste this mission is part of NASA's commercial program this will be the first time that the Cygnus will dock to the ISS

griffinh – Tue, 2013 – 09 – 17 13:45

September 8th

September 7th

September 4th

ISS SSTV 4 and 5 September.

Hello All,

Several ISS SSTV images are received from several ground stations.
See ISS SSTV images and info: (scroll a bit down).

I asume the Russian ISS crew have sended 4 different SSTV images at 4 September.
If someone have received other images please send them to
me via e-mail (see my page).

Tommorow Sept. 5 between 09:00 and 10:40 UTC last day of the event.

73's Cor PD0RKC

pd0rkc – Wed, 2013 – 09 – 04 15:24

August 31st

iss tracking

i have not been on this site for a long time. cannot get my qth entered to track iss. what do i need to do now?

wa4ht – Sat, 2013 – 08 – 31 15:25

August 25th

ISS EVA recording (short)

I recorded part of the recent ISS EVA on August 22nd. Overall there was about 1.5 minutes of audio, but only a few seconds were intelligible, as my receiver is not optimized for such low power high orbit reception.