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December 10th

SSTV December

The Russian ARISS team members plan to activate SSTV from the International Space Station on Thursday, December 18 and Saturday, December 20, 2014

Expected SSTV mode will be PD180 on 145.800 MHz with 3 minute off periods between transmissions.
A total of 12 different photos will be sent during the operational period.

Start time would be around 14:20 UT on December 18 and 12:40 UT on December 20.
The transmissions should terminate around 21:30 UT each day.

SpaceX will be launching to the this week and delays in the launch could change SSTV

Happysat – Wed, 2014 – 12 – 10 21:04

November 24th

how to sked voice contact ?

hi at all, i new and beginner to ISS contact...

some questions about:

1) frequency to rx is 145,800 ok ?

what is 145,550 mhz is used or not ?

2) i try in the future to contact the Italian woman OM
yesterday in the ISS, but when it call to hert used
his callsign of the callsign of ISS ? if yes what is ?

3) what time used in the ISS for work in the day and sleep in night ? USA time or Russina time or ?

4) in how mode i say that the woman aboard iss is free to sked and contact om in Europe (italy) ? there is a web site or ?

tnx and best 73 iw2gjv

1enry1 – Mon, 2014 – 11 – 24 09:43

November 7th

expedition 40/41

well its that time again the expedition 40/41 crew is preparing to leave the station what a great expedition it has been reid and alex sharing everything on twitter for all of us lets go over the highlights we had Cygnus dock to the station a dragon an atv also two progresses the Cygnus blew up during launch it would have docked last week the crew went on many spacewalks reid two alex one and max one this mission will come to an end November 9th after 160+ days in space the station will be under the command of barry willmore until march.

griffinh – Fri, 2014 – 11 – 07 10:38

November 1st


SWL ARISS QSO WITH 9M2RPN Sekolah Kebangsaan, Putrajaya, Malaysia
By HS7ZSX NK92xn 1/11/2014 11.19-11.22 UTC
my rig kenwood TH78 and rubber Ant.

hs7zsx – Sat, 2014 – 11 – 01 10:33

October 19th

Contacting ISS

I have never tried to contact the ISS before, I have the frequencies but I have been told that you have to book a time to try and contact them is this so and how do you book a time if it is
Thanks in advance

2E0MAL – Sun, 2014 – 10 – 19 14:03

October 18th

Latest ISS QSL Card Address

Hello N5VHO,
can you please confirm the latest mail address for QSL cards re on board ISS BBS Packet contact.

73 de Ken,

vk6co – Sat, 2014 – 10 – 18 08:41

October 4th

Voice Contact?

Hello Everyone.

My name is Donevin Kelly. I am a 16 year old South African, studying in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan. I am a licensed Radio Amateur Operator. I have been trying many times to contact the ISS, yet I seem to be having some problems.

DonevinKelly – Sat, 2014 – 10 – 04 12:40

September 20th

Xastir as a Satgate?

I wanted to use Xastir as a SatGate for my area.

However instead of gating packets from the ISS it's gating packets being sent/addressed to the ISS.

It doesn't gate anything it hears from the ISS and instead is just gating terrestrial hams trying to contact the iss.

Do I need to use a specific server or something?
All the information I've seen appears to be really outdated.

KR0SIV – Sat, 2014 – 09 – 20 04:33

September 14th

Orbitron inf file 'notes' directory, news


I created files sat information to update the directory notes of Orbitron to have for example the frequency information of the sat.

Find the file here :

Place these files in the 'Notes' directory of Orbitron

Have a nice day


F1src michel – Sun, 2014 – 09 – 14 11:24

September 13th

US Spacewalk Frequencies


I am aware of the frequencies used during Russian spacewalks but I am wondering if it is possible to tune into the US spacewalks too?

I have looked around the site but can't see the frequencies or any other information about it listed.

Can anyone help?



barrygee – Sun, 2014 – 09 – 14 03:17

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