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May 19th, 2014

why the talk thru repeater is never on

for sometime i used to enjoy using the talk thru repeater on the iss

but this has not been available for some years

hopefully better equipment will allow it in the future

you might have thought the heating problem would have been sorted out on the ground and equipment capable of doing the job would have been used

perhaps they could put a fan over the d710 to keep it cool?

73 ian g3zhi


reply from lou mcFadin, w5did

g3zhi – Tue, 2014 – 05 – 20 03:15

May 13th

ending of expedition 38/39

what a great expedition it has been for the expedition 38/39 crew 188 at the ISS they brought the crew up two nine they completed a series of repair spacewalks during expedition 38 to repair the ISS cooling loop and then last month they made another spacewalk to repair a failed computer not to mention that they completed a lot of science and koichi wakata was the first Japanese ISS commander of the ISS the crew did a lot of work and now they will return home it has been great to watch the crew I hope they have a safe return and I hope that the next crew expedition 40 can do as well as this cre

griffinh – Tue, 2014 – 05 – 13 20:02

May 12th

Where has the predicted pass gone?

I have lost the ability to predict a pass from the ISS on the ISS fan club page. Is it just me or has there been a change made. Please bring it back, I miss it Under the picture of the iss, there used to be a prediction of the next passes, but this appears to have disappeared. I am using windows 7, internet browser 11 and it just isn't there, but if I access the issfanclub page through my ipad, the prediction bit is there.

Am I doing something wrong?

m6wad – Mon, 2014 – 05 – 12 05:36

April 23rd

Tweet from @RF2Space, regarding ARISS availabilty

"The ARISS amateur radios on ISS will be powered off for several days to support the progress undock/redock test and the EVA." EVA: Extra-Vehicular Activity

yo3fvr – Wed, 2014 – 04 – 23 06:34

April 20th


Since August 2013 HAMTV equipment is on-board ISS. This equipment allow now to receive directly Ham video and audio from ISS. Last Commissioning has been made 13 April 2014 with success. This forum needs now a HAMTV TV section inside Amateur Radio menu.
You can see how I received the video with Koichi Wakata speaking to us. I was receiving real time video during 5mn 45sec. A wonderful experience! You can watch the video here:
HamTV is an ARISS project, so will be used now for school contact with ISS

F6DZP – Mon, 2014 – 04 – 21 01:17

March 31st


Going through my QSL cards I notice quite a few amateurs have ISSFan Club Member # on their cards. I didn't think
that there were any member #s. IS THERE?

n1xed – Mon, 2014 – 03 – 31 10:02

How to get ISS Fan Club location to work?


ISS Fan Club says my location is Little Rock, which it isn't, but then says "click here" to change it. A box comes up telling me to type my location in, and hit search. So far, so good. It finds my location, and for some reason wants me to click on it (an unnecessary step), and when I do the mouse pointer turns into a fist and I can do no more.

This is obviously a broken interface. Can anyone tell me how I can set my location by simply entering a latitude and longitude? Either that, or when the graphical version is expected to work again?



g7kes – Mon, 2014 – 03 – 31 05:56

March 25th


Hallo Satfans the Sattracker Orbitron
is a perfect Trackingsoftware.I have this Soft many Weeks.
The Software is Free/Cardware by OM Stoff from Poland.73 de Manfred DE1MGS

DE1MGS – Tue, 2014 – 03 – 25 05:41

March 17th

Contact With ISS

I did a path prediction of the ISS Over Lebanon using

during this month the expected time of the ISS covering Lebanon was at 4~5 AM ( UTC+2 )
I thought the ISS will be in sleeping mode.
Please if you can gave me suggestion to achieve a contact with ISS for University activity purpose

Thank You

Hussein – Mon, 2014 – 03 – 17 06:49

March 15th


Silencio Argentina.- 73 de Luis

lu8yy – Sat, 2014 – 03 – 15 16:52

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