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February 24th, 2015

ISS SSTV reception video

My video of the ISS SSTV image received 24/02/15. Full details of my equipment is in the video. Enjoy and please feel free to comment - Pete G0PNM

G0PNM – Tue, 2015 – 02 – 24 16:47

ISS SSTV over the UK

My video of the ISS SSTV image received 24/02/15. Full details of my equipment is in the video. Enjoy and please feel free to comment.

G0PNM – Tue, 2015 – 02 – 24 16:45

SSTV signal just heard

Hi readers I have just heard very strong SSTV signals on 145.800 mhz 24th Feb 2015 at 1725 GMT I tried to get sstv program ready it did eventually log onto pd180 but signal then went off, i looked but no Pass from ISS anybody shed light on where signal was coming from unless my prediction reports were wrong

regards Graham in Blackpool NW England IO83LD

PS signal did sound like it was spinning so possible a space thing.

g7hej – Tue, 2015 – 02 – 24 12:41

February 23rd

Faint audio

During last pass over EU the SSTV audio was very faint.

Marc, PD4U

pd4u – Mon, 2015 – 02 – 23 11:43

February 22nd

SSTV images rec'd here at EM17iq from 1800 to 2212 UTC

Received 5 complete images from RS0ISS in 5 orbital passes here in EM17iq. Highest elevation was 51 degrees. Sigs 40 to 60 dB over S9. 73 to all es God Bless all the ISS crew.
de NE8S 'Doc'

CesiumDoc133 – Sun, 2015 – 02 – 22 17:29

February 21st

No SSTV/Packet Heard ... Yet ...

No SSTV nor packet heard at 11:30AM PDT in Southern California ... But the EVA just completed a few minutes ago ...

Clint K6LCS

K6LCS – Sat, 2015 – 02 – 21 14:55

February 19th


I just have received a message from Gaston ON4WF.
See the message below.

73s Cor PD0RKC
Continuous SSTV transmission is planned from Saturday 21 February at about 10.30 UTC till Monday 23 February 21.30 UTC.

It is expected that 12 different photos will be sent on 145.800 MHz FM, using the SSTV mode PD180, with 3 minutes off periods between transmissions.

pd0rkc – Thu, 2015 – 02 – 19 11:29

February 16th

fan club leader

we need an ISS Fan Club leader someone who will run the site update the polls and improve the site I would like to become the site leader as the site leader I would update the polls and try to get a chat room so we all could get to talk about the space station and all things space with your support we can make this site great

griffinh – Mon, 2015 – 02 – 16 11:21

Free SSTV software (PD180) for Android devices

Because a new SSTV session from ISS will follow soon, I would like to inform the portable hams and Android enthusiasts (in the same time), that a freeware application is available in Play Store, for SSTV decoding signals, including PD180 format.

The application is called Robot36 and can be found at the following link:

For encoding SSTV pictures, there is another freeware application, SSTV encoder (

Best 73! de YO3FVR, Catalin

yo3fvr – Mon, 2015 – 02 – 16 06:38

February 8th

Need help in West Michigan for a direct school contact

Hi everyone,

We have been told by the ARISS team that we are a finalist for a direct school contact between May and December of this year. We are in need of a primary station and amateurs to help make the contact. I will provide my ts2000 and have the kids build a backup antenna, either a turnstile or other omi antenna as per the ARISS susggestion. but I need someone with experience contacting satellites and and the ISS.

Our School is in Grand Rapids, Michigan so it would be great to get some local help. I have reached out to some local clubs but have not heard back yet.

tristarles – Sun, 2015 – 02 – 08 14:18

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