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October 30th, 2013

BBS news ?


Is the BBS RS0ISS-11 active ?

Many thanks


F4EUB – Wed, 2013 – 10 – 30 06:27

October 29th

Packet QSL Card ?


For a Packet connection on BBS, is it possible to have QSL card ?

Many thanks.


F4EUB – Tue, 2013 – 10 – 29 08:47

October 28th

ATV 4 undocks

today ATV 4 or (albert Einstein) undocked today it had docked june 28th it carried the most cargo to the iss then any other ATV will deorbit later today and blow up in the atmosphere only 1 more ATV will launch ATV 5 will launch sometime next year it will be ESA's last resupply mission to the ISS

griffinh – Mon, 2013 – 10 – 28 14:00

How find best moment to contact ISS


How find best moment to contact ISS , except an activity with schools. Only simple QSO ?

Many thanks for your help.

Stéphane F4EUB

F4EUB – Mon, 2013 – 10 – 28 09:28

October 22nd

ISS followed by another object this evening


I was just watching and listening to ISS this evening

(Loc: Germany AOS UTC: 18:23, Packet active)

I could see ISS which is followed by another object quite close to ISS. I was not aware that a transport in ongoing (last was in Sep?). I would appreciate if anyone has an idea or source of information what this object could be.

The second object appeared not as bright as ISS.

Thanks a lot!

DO7KX – Tue, 2013 – 10 – 22 13:44

October 20th

is fm voice active like when doug wheelock was there

Didn't monitor in a while since last qso in 2010 was wondering their call signs and if they are active at all over NA Thanks 73

ke3lb – Sun, 2013 – 10 – 20 15:17

what is moving behind ISS October 19

I watched ISS this evening in the sky over the west of Ireland, very clearly, and travelling behind it is something with two flashing lights. Not as bright but following the same course as ISS moved eastwards.

What is this?

oedipus – Sun, 2013 – 10 – 20 14:17

September 27th

Hearing nothing

I have not heard anything from ISS for the past few days. Anyone know what is going on up there?

w8krf – Fri, 2013 – 09 – 27 23:36

September 17th

record breaking

this is just in some breaking news when yuri Lonchakov resigned from the Russian space agency this month people have been wondering who will fill in and take his place and today we know Gennady padalka will become Soyuz tma 16m commander and will become flight engineer on expedition 43 and commander of expedition 44 this will make