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January 26th, 2013

Visible/non visible passes?

Hey all, I have recently gotten back into Amateur radio and find it fascinating that I could speak with thr ISS crew. I've noticed a whole lot more "non visible" passes than "visible" on certain tracking sites. Is it possible to make contact with the crew during a "non visible" pass? Also, generally how often do you guys find the crew to be active on the radio these days?

Jeisner – Sat, 2013 – 01 – 26 13:08

January 21st

ISS Bad Packet signal´s

Kenneth when os possible tell to astronauts open the radio squelch.

I think this is a problem with TM D700 Onboard.

In two pass i received two frames and this passes got a high elevation degree.


Mauricio Beraldo PY4MAB

PY4MAB – Mon, 2013 – 01 – 21 21:35

January 17th


Bingo!. Look like tha ISS is back!.( 145.825) is tme to warm up my radio , it has been silent for about 3 weeks.

KP4JEV – Thu, 2013 – 01 – 17 18:18

Upload Audio

How do I upload ISS audio to the ISS Fan Club site?

W3MAT – Thu, 2013 – 01 – 17 11:58

January 14th

this site could use and online chat

this site could defently use an online chat it would be a great idea for our website please respond to this tell me what you think i think it would be a great thing for this website so everyone could talk to each other about what they have found out about iss if you agree please respond

griffinh – Tue, 2013 – 01 – 15 03:21

January 13th


Has anyone heard how long the Packet Radio will be turned off on the ISS. I have been away from the Radio for awhile and just getting back into it again? K8JMH

K8JMH – Sun, 2013 – 01 – 13 09:47

January 12th


I've heard the ISS making school contacts lately. When the ISS identifies as NA "i" SS instead of NA "one" SS, does that make a legitimate contact?

n0vjn – Sat, 2013 – 01 – 12 12:36

January 7th

ISS Achievement Award badge

Does IFC have design badges to those persons who have IAA?
Can we use on facebook profile picture, car stickers and others.

9W2HFY – Mon, 2013 – 01 – 07 12:02

January 6th

Heard Suni on radio

I was lucky enough to have been listening when Suni was talking on the radio as the ISS orbited over. I heard her calling a Florida station a number of times, then made contact. I only heard her side of the QSO, but I recorded what I did hear.
That audio is on my website if you care to listen.
Sure wish the packet digi would go back active, I miss making contacts with other humans at keyboards as the ISS is in range.

SATWATCH.ORG – Sun, 2013 – 01 – 06 21:30

December 24th, 2012

Best software to Track the ISS.

What is the best software to track the ISS..
I am hoping that it is free. I am trying to figure this out to help some young kids get interested in Ham Radio..
They all have PC's..

I have been using:

The first is a web based application, the satscape is a Java based download application, the last is also a web based program.

I used one,, then the next, then the next.

MarkT – Tue, 2012 – 12 – 25 00:27

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