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iss tracking

i have not been on this site for a long time. cannot get my qth entered to track iss. what do i need to do now?

wa4ht – Sat, 2013 – 08 – 31 15:25

August 25th

ISS EVA recording (short)

I recorded part of the recent ISS EVA on August 22nd. Overall there was about 1.5 minutes of audio, but only a few seconds were intelligible, as my receiver is not optimized for such low power high orbit reception.

The frequency in use is 143.625MHz FM. My setup is an older RadioShack wideband discone in the attic and a Uniden BCD396T scanner. The software I run is ProScan. This recording was saved while I was out of town on a trip. I edited it for brevity using Audacity as most of it was static.

Chris KH2PM
Raleigh, NC

Chris KH2PM – Sun, 2013 – 08 – 25 09:06

August 23rd


Hello and 4 of us in Ecuador for the first time started working
with ISS and we are improving a lot...Much to do YET.


Please explain the ""loaded packets figures accumulated
on ISS 1200 system...??.
Are they to way and are they daily basis and or ???.

Sure need to learn and clarify this point...PLEASE anyone..??

Also the BBS menu:letters different from normal
zx-25 and or terrestrial BBS systems needs a clearing
for all of us down here in Ecuador

Ted Hc5k

HC5K – Fri, 2013 – 08 – 23 15:02

August 11th

Site under attack

Hello Everyone,

the IFC site is being attacked by a weird organization asking for weird stuff.

I frankly do not understand who they are or what the hell they want but somehow they got convinced that this site is going to be visited by the current crew and so they are flooding it with nonsensical messages.

I had to remove a bunch of new subscribers (sorry if I terminated some who's legit by mistake) and temporarily suspend immediate subscriptions.


alain – Sun, 2013 – 08 – 11 22:46

August 10th

ISS Fan Club - Track map


There was visual pass of the ISS over Poland. In my opinion the position of the ISS on the map in upper left corner on the ISS Fan Club is now different that the real. But maybe I’m wrong?

73, Armand

sp3qfe – Sat, 2013 – 08 – 10 14:12

August 8th

Digipeater on 145.825

I'd like to make a digipeater working on 145.825 MHz, is It possiple to run on this freq?

TA9J – Thu, 2013 – 08 – 08 08:55

August 5th

Luca Parmitano making random voice contacts.

Luca Parmitano was active on 145.800Mhz (145.200 uplink).
I had a short contact with Luca anyone made an audio recording? Please send it to my e-mail address see
or reply to me in this forum.
Thanks in advance!

73s Cor PD0RKC

pd0rkc – Mon, 2013 – 08 – 05 14:40

July 28th