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June 19th, 2013

the space shuttles journey into the beyond

The space shuttles the journey into the beyond



To understand the space shuttle we have to understand it’s history its victories and defeats


The space shuttles have are the most amazing space ships that
The world has ever known. They took off like a rocket and landed
Like an airplane. The space shuttles launched a total of 135 launches
134 were successful and 133 were successful during reentry. In total

griffinh – Wed, 2013 – 06 – 19 10:07

June 16th

52 Msg List Over Bangkok Thailand

Welcome to RS0ISS's message board
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Msg# Size TS Date Time From To @ BBS Subject
364 62 /1418 E20YJC>AB9VH QSL
363 62 /1416 E20YJC>EA1NE QSL
361 512 /2226 CE6CCA>ALL hi
360 117 /1738 LW5DGM>ALL Saludos
359 30 /0031 EA1NE >ALL
358 242 /0054 CE6CCA>ALL k
357 109 11-Jul/2050 CE6CCA>ALL hi
356 115 10-Jul/2004 LW5DGM>ALL Hello

E20YJC – Mon, 2013 – 06 – 17 02:26

June 8th

June timelines?

Hi, It is now the 8th June and only 1st June timeline has been released on the NASA site for the ISS. Whetever is going on?

Cheers Dave G7UZN

Dave Dawson – Sat, 2013 – 06 – 08 08:42

June 5th

ISS over Athens (Greece) night sky.

An amazing clear pass last night (21:33) over Athens night sky, heavily light polluted.

The absence of clouds made the pass more enjoyable. A very bright "dot" crossing (50° max) in fast motion.

Got it on video with iPhone 4S camera app.

theodoros1978 – Thu, 2013 – 06 – 06 03:37

Photo of Italian astronaut Luca with 145Mhz Erricson HT and packet modem behind.

Hello issfanclub members.

I just saw a twitter photo of Italian ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano with a view at the 145Mhz Erricson -
HT + packet modem.

If your aprs beacons have been digipeated by RS0ISS than
you know now that your beacons have been trough this
amateur radio equipment in the ISS Columbus module.

73's Cor PD0RKC

pd0rkc – Wed, 2013 – 06 – 05 14:33

June 3rd

new atv launch

the fourth ATV will launch on June 5th 2013 this will be the second to last ATV launch after ESA announced that the fifth ATV will launch next year. ATV 4 will dock to ISS at the Zeveda module on the Russian segment on june 15 this misson will last for from June to October the ATV delivers the most cargo from any resupply ship at this time it will boost the ISS orbit with it's fuel and be loaded with trash from the ISS and it will undock and burn up in the atmosphere

griffinh – Mon, 2013 – 06 – 03 10:17

May 23rd

QSO via ISS bounce on 1296 MHz

Hello all,

today Jan, PA3FXB and I completed a QSO via reflections at the ISS on 23 cm. Details can be found here:

If anyone is