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November 17th, 2015

Kiluutaq School, Umiujaq, Nunavik Quebec, Canada

Here is the warm up audio and testing the telebridge

Here is the full contact with ISS and the school

A telebridge contact via W6SRJ with students at Kiluutaq School, Umiujaq, Nunavik Quebec, Canada, is scheduled for Tue 2015-11-17 16:47:02 UTC 41 deg. The scheduled astronaut is Kimiya Yui, KG5BPH. The contact is expected to be conducted in English.

2e1avx – Tue, 2015 – 11 – 17 10:09

November 5th

Dragonskolan, Umeå, Sweden on Thursday November 5th *MISS*

Hi All,

Here is the recording of the attempt to make contact with the ISS via telebridge. Todays contact was a miss unfortunately.

Here is the warm up speeach I recorded:

here the the attempt to contact and the end of the telebridge

Dragonskolan, Umeå, Sweden on Thursday November 5th. AOS is anticipated at 10:35 UTC

2e1avx – Thu, 2015 – 11 – 05 06:58

November 4th

Eleanor Palmer School London, United Kingdom

Telebridge via VK6MJ in Australia

Quite a hard few overs today the link was up and down.

7 questions answered.

Here is what I was able to receive today..

2e1avx – Wed, 2015 – 11 – 04 06:10

November 4th

ARISS with WRC-15 !

ARISS contact with WRC-15 and Institut Florimont

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact with WRC-15 and Institut Florimont from the ITU amateur radio station 4U1ITU, at ITU 12.41

best 73 de Rudy - IW2BSF [ ISS Stay Tuned ! ]

IW2BSF – Wed, 2015 – 11 – 04 04:05

October 29th

Packet radio on iss

How to use packet radio on iss . What are the basic requirements. Please give a help on this topic

JayanU – Thu, 2015 – 10 – 29 13:50

October 14th

A telebridge contact via IK1SLD with students at Bay View Elementary School in Burlington, Washington, USA

Hello ISS fan club I managed to get a few overs from the school contact / telebridge via Italy tonight.

Based IO91SK Staines in the UK enjoy !

2e1avx – Wed, 2015 – 10 – 14 16:47

October 5th

ISS APRS off the air?

Anyone have an idea of why the ISS is not active on 145.825 via APRS? I have not heard it for 36+ hours and am curious. Thanks, nz4d

nz4d – Mon, 2015 – 10 – 05 15:03

October 2nd


The HAMTV signal is transmitting again as observed during this afternoons pass BUT for some reason I did not receive the usual black screen. Frequency is 2395Mhz, 02000 symbol rate and 1/2 FEC.

Shane VK4KHZ

Shane Lynd VK4KHZ – Sat, 2015 – 10 – 03 02:02

September 17th

ISS space station contact HAM-RADIO ....nice video !


here the HAM-RADIO contact on october 2008 with the Richard Garriott W5KWQ child and the father Owen Garriott W5LFL on october 2008 in the ISS space station !

REMEMBER that Owen Garriott (W5LFL) was the FIRST ham-radio in space (pver 300 QSO in space !!!) and the first trasmission by space was on STS-9 mission at november 1983.

Here the complete video:

Best 73 de Rudy – IW2BSF [ISS Stay Tuned ! ]

More videos and info about ISS space station on my web site here :

IW2BSF – Fri, 2015 – 09 – 18 02:44

September 16th

New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, New Mexico, USA today 15:48 UTC

Hi Everyone, I see that on the AMSAT page another voice call is scheduled with a school in new mexico.

145.800 FM

The closest websdr I can find is just above new mexico in Utah linked below:

I'll try and record it if I hear anything from the above link.

If you are in the USA and have a chance to listen, please be prepared to record if possible ;-)

Have a great day all

James MoJFP / KG7EFV / 2E1AVX

2e1avx – Wed, 2015 – 09 – 16 06:26

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