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August 13th, 2014

Scrambled APRS Packet Data

Can someone explain why my data looks so scrambled?
And, what is the 'TPPT9S' in the data packet?

Here is my RAW APRS Data:

KC8MTV-9>TPPT9S,RS0ISS*,qAS,N1BHX:`o`l >/]"6y}=

My equipment:
Kenwood TM-D710GA (power out is 50watts)
Diamond SG7900A Dualband Mobile Antenna

KC8MTV – Thu, 2014 – 08 – 14 01:57

August 11th

Recommended equipment?

Hi everybody.

What kind of portable antenna for handheld scanners do you recommend when I want to try to listen in on ISS?

I have a Uniden Bearcat 3500XLT and it should be enough for listen in, but I'm not sure that my current antenna is good enough. It's a small Midland 144/430 MHz antenna.


PaulHansen – Mon, 2014 – 08 – 11 11:16

August 8th

ISS follower

Hi Forum, I'm a newbie and saw tonight (2014-08-08) that something is following the Station. Google didn't help me, so what could that be? Is it the ATV "Georges Lemaitre"?

Endinger – Fri, 2014 – 08 – 08 17:51

August 6th

Unable to contact, need help.

I can not seem to get my FM transceiver to work, or I do not understand how to contact. Would anyone be willing to contact for me?
All I want to ask, is for one volunteer austronaut to send a picture down, of him/her self holding a paper that reads "G I S H W H E S conquers space."
It's for charity, and costs them nothing. Just a simple picture would be more than enough for our organization.

FallenAngel – Wed, 2014 – 08 – 06 15:12

August 5th

2 Objects above last nights pass in Tennessee

A few Amateur Radio operators were talking about the next ISS pass would be around 9.00 Central last night. I had company over to visit so we decided to go out and watch the ISS pass. It was coming from the south west and moving north east , as we were watching we also spotted 2 moving objects above the ISS many miles above both looked alike with the naked eye, shape, color, etc. As the ISS was straight over head we watched the 2 other objects one was on the ISS track, but passed and went due east 10,000 times faster than the ISS, the other object went due south at the same speed.

Howard L. Runions – Tue, 2014 – 08 – 05 11:45

July 29th

WD9EWK working NA1SS @ ARRL Centennial Convention on 19 July 2014


As part of AMSAT's presence at the ARRL Centennial Convention in Hartford (Connecticut) on 17-19 July 2014, I had planned to do a series of demonstrations of satellite operating. On Saturday, 19 July 2014, I extended this to include trying to hear the ISS as it flew near the convention. I had three workable passes that morning, which I tried from the plaza in front of the convention site...

WD9EWK – Tue, 2014 – 07 – 29 19:55

July 23rd

ISS Contact by Lake County RACES

We had the privilege of working Reid on board the ISS during the ARRL Field Day 28JUN14...

Click on the following link to view a short slide presentation with the audio...

Thanks to Reid for literally "being on the air from anywhere!!"


ARS_NY9X – Wed, 2014 – 07 – 23 21:34

July 10th

ISS Tees!

Hey fellow ISS fans I found a sweet tee shirt and it's really funny... pick yours up here

willsheldon12 – Thu, 2014 – 07 – 10 12:49

July 4th

Photos NA1SS Reid Wiseman operating amateur radio!


Maybe intersting for the USA radio friends who have heard or has spoken with NA1SS Reid Wiseman.
NASA have published two high resolution photos with Reid Wiseman operating amateur radio from the Columbus module.

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

If you have problems to copy the photos to your harddisc, save the whole page via your browser options.

pd0rkc – Fri, 2014 – 07 – 04 17:04

June 23rd

favorite ISS expedition

this is a question for everyone what has been your favorite ISS expedition from expedition 1-39 my personal favorite is expedition 19/20 because it brought ISS to 6 person crew leave a comment telling me what your favorite expedition has been

griffinh – Mon, 2014 – 06 – 23 21:29

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