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December 8th

SSTV-December 2015

SSTV event being planned for late December 2015. Exact dates TBD...Tweeted on ISS Ham.

Upcoming ARISS Commemorative SSTV Event.

Over the next couple months, ARISS will be celebrating its 15th anniversary of continuous operations on the ISS. An SSTV event is being planned for mid December

73 David G7HCE

G7HCE – Tue, 2015 – 12 – 08 12:34

December 6th

Weak signals on packet

Hi Iss Fans !

I am experiencing very weak signals on the 145.825, and I am very confused about it:
I am using a 5/8 vertical antenna with a SDRRTL2 receiver (altenatively an Albrecht portable scanner), which give me good results on terrestrial signals (I am regularly able to decode packet radio signals hundreds of kilometers away, so I don't think my equipment is in fault).

The problem is present with low, medium or high elevation angle !?

Do you have this kind of problem ?

What kind of antenna do you use ?

Thanks for your comments.

73 from F5FIE.

F5FIE – Sun, 2015 – 12 – 06 13:56

December 3rd

8 December ARISS contact with school in Poland !

ARISS contact planned for school in Poland

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at approximately 8.15 UTC, which is 9.15 CEWT, an ARISS contact is planned for Konstanty Ildefons Gałczynski Junior High School in Swietajno, Poland. Amateur radio station LU1CGB, located in Argentina, will operate the contact. The ARISS HAM radio station NA1SS on the board of the International Space Station will be operated by Kjell Lindgren KO5MOS.

IW2BSF – Thu, 2015 – 12 – 03 12:37

December 2nd

4 december next ARISS contact with Sveden schools

Please join us in listening to the ISS contact with participants at
Dragonskolan, Umea, Sweden on Friday December 4.
AOS is anticipated at 10:15 UTC (11:15 CEWT).

The duration of the contact is approximately 9 minutes and 30 seconds. The contact will be a telebridge between NA1SS and LU1CGB in Argentina. The contact is expected to be conducted in English.

IW2BSF – Wed, 2015 – 12 – 02 15:04

November 27th

ARISS 2 december with japan school !

Upcoming ARISS school contacts. A ARISS educational radio contact is planned with students at Nanasawa Kibounooka Elementary School, Atsugi - JAPAN. The contact is scheduled Wed 2015-decembre the second at 09:33:51 UTC. The contact is DIRECT via 8N1NKSG in Japan, so the Downlink signals will be audible over Japan on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM and via Echolink and other internet website.

IW2BSF – Fri, 2015 – 11 – 27 15:22

November 22nd

New england ham-radio next december on iss !

at 15 december a ENGLiSH new ham-radio Tim Peake aboard ISS

the #46 mission :

best 73 de Rudy - IW2BSF [ ISS stay tuned ! ]

more info and news about ISS :

IW2BSF – Sun, 2015 – 11 – 22 06:43

November 19th

Two ARISS contact : 23 and 25 nov !!! not in Europe !

both ARISS contacts NOT udible in Europe !

best 73 de Rudy - IW2BSF [ ISS Stay Tuned ! ]

ARISS contact for school in Lecce, Italy

An International Space Station contact is planned for Scuola Media Statale “G. Marconi”, Soleto, Lecce, Italy.
The event is scheduled for Monday 23 November 2015 at 09:21 UTC, which is 10.21 CEWT. This will be a telebridge contact between NA1SS and VK4KHZ. Signals from the ISS will not be audible in Europe.

IW2BSF – Thu, 2015 – 11 – 19 04:53

November 17th

Kiluutaq School, Umiujaq, Nunavik Quebec, Canada

Here is the warm up audio and testing the telebridge

Here is the full contact with ISS and the school

A telebridge contact via W6SRJ with students at Kiluutaq School, Umiujaq, Nunavik Quebec, Canada, is scheduled for Tue 2015-11-17 16:47:02 UTC 41 deg. The scheduled astronaut is Kimiya Yui, KG5BPH. The contact is expected to be conducted in English.

2e1avx – Tue, 2015 – 11 – 17 10:09

November 5th

Dragonskolan, Umeå, Sweden on Thursday November 5th *MISS*

Hi All,

Here is the recording of the attempt to make contact with the ISS via telebridge. Todays contact was a miss unfortunately.

Here is the warm up speeach I recorded:

here the the attempt to contact and the end of the telebridge

Dragonskolan, Umeå, Sweden on Thursday November 5th. AOS is anticipated at 10:35 UTC

2e1avx – Thu, 2015 – 11 – 05 06:58

November 4th

Eleanor Palmer School London, United Kingdom

Telebridge via VK6MJ in Australia

Quite a hard few overs today the link was up and down.

7 questions answered.

Here is what I was able to receive today..

2e1avx – Wed, 2015 – 11 – 04 06:10

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