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August 30th


ISS News

An unmanned Russian Progress vehicle successfully blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan tonight to deliver almost three tons of food, fuel, water, and supplies to the residents of the International Space Station.

N1ORC – Sat, 2003 – 08 – 30 18:42

August 29th

Packet System Status

By Frank H. Bauer:

"Those of you who were on the air on Sunday, August 24 are aware that the
packet system was re-activated by Yuri around 12:00 UTC. Shortly
thereafter, the ARISS team received reports from the general ham community
that the packet system was operational[...]"
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VA2VA – Fri, 2003 – 08 – 29 08:02


ISS News

An unmanned Russian Progress vehicle successfully undocked from the International Space Station today, heading for a plunge into the Earth's atmosphere with discarded items from the orbital complex.....

N1ORC – Fri, 2003 – 08 – 29 08:00

ARISS hopes to get ISS packet system back in operation

The RS0ISS packet system aboard the International Space Station has not been functioning for some time. But ARISS International Chairman Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, said he still hopes the current crew of Yuri Malenchenko, RK3DUP, and Ed Lu, KC5WKJ, can turn on and reconfigure the packet module before the Expedition 8 crew arrives in October [...]
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VA2VA – Fri, 2003 – 08 – 29 07:59

August 28th


.....The little boy who chased butterflies grew up to be a space explorer. We miss him terribly. "Hundreds and hundreds of letters of sympathy and support have helped in this time of grief. We thank the writers wholeheartedly.

N1ORC – Thu, 2003 – 08 – 28 11:31

August 25th

ISSCOM.038 - Aug. 25, 2003 by Chris v.d. Berg

ISS Status Report

This week the Russians execute some important operations to secure the operational continuation of the International Space Station.
This involves the replacement of 1 of the 2 freighters which are now docked at the ISS.....

IK1SLD – Mon, 2003 – 08 – 25 22:37

ISS Active on packet again ?

PY2FFZ reports ISS active on packet the 24/Aug/2003 at 20:00Z on sat-fm@yahoogrupos.combr


LU2FFD – Mon, 2003 – 08 – 25 08:50

Packet System OFF ?

Looks like the packet system was shut off at 2122 UTC (Aug. 24) [ half way through the pass ]


IK1SLD – Mon, 2003 – 08 – 25 05:53

ISS Packet

Well it was nice to work ISS again, Made first contact at 1153z then 15 minutes later ON4CHP followed by EB3CZS was heard. ON the next pass it was still on an each pass (worked 4 passes) more an more stations were heard / worked.
It was very nice to hear from ya WY1U , WD5EEV , K3LTM an many more. Thanks Yuri we miss hearing an working Alpha. 73 all KB1GVR

KB1GVR – Mon, 2003 – 08 – 25 05:37

August 24th

ISS Digipeater ACTIVE

ISS Amateur Radio

ON4CHP sent us thes