January 6th, 2003


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Anonymous – Tue, 2003 – 01 – 07 01:23

New PMS status report System

Space News

Hello all,

from now on, PMS status reports can be easily posted using the new module we have just finished writing.

This new module (availabe only for ifc members here) can be accessed clicking on the top right block called "ISS Packet Radio".

iz6byy – Mon, 2003 – 01 – 06 22:41

ISS Radio Report

12 years 7 weeks ago
iz6byy – Mon, 2003 – 01 – 06 21:21

Packet System still inactive...

Today, 6 January 2003 at 1715Z I tried to connect to the packet system, but didn't hear anything...

Happy New Year to all!

Gert - K5WW

K5WW – Mon, 2003 – 01 – 06 20:21

Voice from NA1SS over SE Australia

ISS Amateur Radio

Last night at 2345 my time I was expecting to here some packet on 145.800 ( I know it's off ) when I heard Don chatting to some Australian Ham operators.

If anyone would like to hear the recording check out

All the best,


FredZepp – Mon, 2003 – 01 – 06 05:04

January 5th

ISS: the most interesting part of Amateur Radio


I remember about 15 years ago when I first heard about amateur radio.

I remember being amazed by the fact that these large HF beams were capable of crossing the oceans reaching remote lands all over the globe.

iz6byy – Sun, 2003 – 01 – 05 21:18

Don on ISS voice over USA

ISS Amateur Radio

Don was active on voice from the ISS this morning on the 13:12 -> 13:26 pass.
I hear him chatting with a station in Port Orchard, Wa.

pe2jmr – Sun, 2003 – 01 – 05 21:16

Don on voice over USA and Packet ON

ISS Amateur Radio

A big thanks to Scott WA6LIE for reporting the actual situation of the Ham Radio station onboard ISS.


Don also on voice over USA!

Your reports are very useful because here in Europe we will have ISS first pass only for this night at 01:29 UTC. We hope to have other news during next pass over USA.

73 de IK1SLD Claudio

for the ISS FanClub Staff

IK1SLD – Sun, 2003 – 01 – 05 14:56

January 4th

Chicago Youngsters Enjoy End-of-Year ARISS QSO


Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) school and educational contacts resumed in late December after a hiatus to change crews. Expedition 6 Crew Commander Ken Bowersox, KD5JBP, spoke December 29 via NA1SS with a dozen youngsters visiting Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum in Chicago.
Full Story

IK1SLD – Sat, 2003 – 01 – 04 17:22

ISS Status Report - Jan. 3, 2003

ISS Status Report

The Year 2003 began quietly for the International Space Station Expedition 6 crew. Commander Ken Bowersox, Flight Engineer Nikolai Budarin, and NASA ISS Science Officer Don Pettit crossed the international date line 15 times during the last day of 2002, officially greeting the new year at midnight Greenwich Mean Time during their sleep shift.

IK1SLD – Sat, 2003 – 01 – 04 17:13