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  • All images SSTV 18-19 july from ISS !   1 hour 47 min ago

    Thank you! Amazing pictures you shared here with folks!
    I used to check for interesting articles.

  • SSTV photos of Yuri Gagarin received.   5 days 1 hour ago

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  • ISS APRS off the air?   5 days 4 hours ago

    Just found an interesting app to play movies online for free.

  • ISS APRS off the air?   3 weeks 1 day ago

    - didn't hear it as it passed to my southeast.

  • APRS Tracking   3 weeks 3 days ago

    I will look into the tracking software.

    So are hams able to beacon that location on aprs over the air with those tracking software's data?
    I have a receive only aprs setup, just listens to 145.825 sending data heard to a private aprs server and have seen it show up once or twice in the last 3 months with an actual location beacon . That's why I was asking about it , if they have a gps connected or if it coming threw over air by other means.
    I use the private server so I can see just the stations heard by iss or other aprs sats to give me an idea of range during passes.
    73 n1ncb

  • APRS Tracking   3 weeks 3 days ago

    ISS Erricson + packet modem is not connected to GPS or other position systems.
    Better is to use good satellite trackings software to see the actual ISS position or see the
    future predictions in range of your QTH.
    Good trackings software are Satscape and Orbitron (these are free software and does not cost money).

    73s Cor PD0RKC

  • ISS APRS off the air?   3 weeks 3 days ago

    If you downloaded UISS and soundmodem, start first soundmodem and
    after that start UISS software.
    Put your transceiver at 145.825Mhz (FM/N mode).
    If ISS comes in your range you should hear the packet beacons and see
    some packet data on the soundmodem and UISS screen.
    Press with your mouse button several times on the blue position button on
    UISS software, your transceiver should start to TX these beacons.
    Let me know about your results!

    73s Cor PD0RKC

  • APRS Tracking   3 weeks 3 days ago

    Is there a way to get iss to beacon it's position as it passes over within range . Also to get my station to igate the aprs position on the map
    I see sometimes it beacons a position allot of other times nothing just beacons the other stations.

    Anyone have any idea of that or is it something with the gps of the aprs aboard the iss ?

  • HAMTV   3 weeks 4 days ago

    I just had a low elevation pass and received several minutes of signal on 2395 Mhz. The transmitter is still happily transmitting away.

  • ISS APRS off the air?   3 weeks 4 days ago

    i downloaded the what ? i am quite new to this topic.i need the fundamentals

  • HAMTV   3 weeks 4 days ago

    I received a good signal during last nights pass over Australia. I will check again today.


    Shane VK4KHZ

  • HAMTV   3 weeks 5 days ago

    no signals ? all OFF ?

    73 de IW2BSF

  • ISS APRS off the air?   4 weeks 22 hours ago

    On the NASA webpage David G7HCE gave you can see that EVA is a Space Walk.
    ISS crew members go outside the space station to do repairs or add
    For safety reasons they switch amateur radio equipment off.
    Somethimes it happen that ISS crew forgot to switch the amateur radio
    equipment on after a space walk.
    Do not forget ISS crew have a very busy period with EVA events.
    Often after a school contact packet switched back on again.
    The next ARISS school contact is at 4 November.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • ISS APRS off the air?   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Hi Michael

    All fully explained here:

    73 David G7hCE

  • ISS APRS off the air?   4 weeks 1 day ago

    HI Cor - in keeping with your help above, when I check the status at the link above it shows:

    October 28, 2015 US EVA-32 – PMA-3 EVA (Kelly & Lindgren)

    So I know something happened, but I don't know what PMA or EVA means .. what does EVA -32 and PMA -3 mean? It has been offline for APRS since then, so I I am thinking that is whats up, but I naturally want to understand more as to what they are doing.


    Michael nz4d

  • HAMTV   4 weeks 2 days ago

    The HAMTV transmitter is back on again as observed during tonight's pass. Same frequency of 2395 Mhz.


    Shane VK4KHZ

  • ISS APRS off the air?   4 weeks 3 days ago

    Download first UISS software.

    During UISS instalation you can choose to install
    the soundmodem soundcard packet driver.
    If you want to do packet via soundcard choose soundmodem to install.
    Try this first and if you have more questions let us know in
    this forum.

    73s Cor PD0RKC

  • ISS APRS off the air?   4 weeks 3 days ago

    How to use packet radio. What are the basic requirements?

  • HAMTV   4 weeks 5 days ago

    It appears that the HAMTV has now been switched off. This coincides with the planned EVA perhaps. I did not receive any signal during the previous two passes.

  • Make Contact: Ask the Astronaut on Space Station a Question   5 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you for that! It was really cool! But it would still be nice to know how it feels (no offense if offensive in anyway).

  • Make Contact: Ask the Astronaut on Space Station a Question   5 weeks 4 days ago

    To Joseph,

    In space saliva sticks to the skin (also in the mouth).
    See this this short video:

    73s Cor PD0RKC

  • Make Contact: Ask the Astronaut on Space Station a Question   5 weeks 4 days ago


    I've been thinking about what it would be like in space and astronaut ice cream, then my mouth began to water. Then these questions popped up in my head, "What happens to saliva in your mouth? How does it feel? Does it just float around in your oral cavity?" I know the question sounds strange, but my curiosity gets the best of me. I apologize if this is not related to the crew/mission, anyway,
    My name is Joseph Bravo (Age 13: Grade 8, takes a few Grade 9 Classes), and I live in Torrance, California.

    Joseph Bravo (duh)

    -P.S. Thanks! You guys (+N.A.S.A. peeps [and whatnot] are awesome!)

  • HAMTV   6 weeks 2 days ago

    I confirm that the HAMTV transmitter is transmitting again as observed during today's 14:35UTC pass

  • HAMTV   6 weeks 2 days ago

    I am using the TechnoTrend TT1600 PC receiver card, 1.2m mesh prime focus dish, Yaesu G5500 rotator (with minor mod to power supply to assist with more accurate tracking) LVB tracker, SatPc32 tracking software and helix feed. Martin VK6MJ is using a patch feed which seems to provide better results so I am going to try a patch feed for comparison. I have tried both the Kuhne downconverter/LNA and the Spectra SPDC2400 with success but prefer the Kuhne. I have also used my SATLINK WS-6906 to detect and measure the signal strength/quality but I have further tests to do with this "cheap" piece of test equipment before I can say if it works well as a receiver.



  • ISS APRS off the air?   6 weeks 3 days ago

    The New air in APRS my estacion 73 to all


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