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  • Bill active on voice 01.22.06 as well?   10 years 51 weeks ago

    Best of luck to you.

    I am also trying to make a QSO with a 6-watt HT and an Arrow yagi. I have heard NA1SS on several times but not had any luck talking to him yet.

    Maybe we will hear from WD9EWK. He talked to NA1SS with a 5-watt HT and a telescoping whip from Arizona.

    Best time to talk to ISS seems to be around 2000 UTC. Right now, the USA is in this window for several passes.

    73, Zach KE7EYQ

  • Have you talked to the ISS? (POLL)   10 years 51 weeks ago

    Any more reports after this weekend (Jan 21)?

    Bill should be over 70 for his DXCC country count. That means he has talked to at least that many operators.

  • Need some advice   10 years 51 weeks ago

    That does help a lot. Thanks! Kinda funny, cause I just couldn't wait, so I bought a 50ft section of RG-8 from radio shack for 40.00 on the way home from class tonight.. I haven't even taken it out of the box yet, which is a good thing, cause Im going to take it back and put the extra $$$ into something better.
    Thanks again!

  • Thanks for the QSO Bill !!!!   10 years 51 weeks ago

    Congratulations Keith :wink:

  • First voice contact   10 years 51 weeks ago

    :D Hi mates,
    I'm very happy because I get my second contact with Bill McArthur tonight at 22:43UTC, orbit # 41.011

    73 to all

  • Can ISS be work with an HT?   10 years 51 weeks ago

    The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it depends where in the world you are located as to how difficult it is to make a contact.

    Since you are in Delaware, your best chance would be a lower elevation pass over the Atlantic but you will still be competing with several dozen stations. Timing and a little luck would need to be on your side.

  • Need some advice   10 years 51 weeks ago

    I suppose it depends on how much $$ you want to invest. Its always that dang money.
    I will put my .02 cents in: Was operating with 50 FT of Radio Shack RG-8, probably not the best stuff in the world but worked fine with APRS/Packet. Ran it for a year or so. Never had opportunity for VHF voice contacts and had limited luck with Cross band repeater (more limited to doppler issues than feedline). The RG-8 was not the greatest other UHF birds though.
    So I am now running 75 feet of LMR-400 to same antenna setup. I got it for a decent price on E-bay. Longer run made for higher antenna placement. Overall result was MUCH improved reception/transmission on both VHF and UHF.
    LMR-400 is pretty much same size and has same characteristics as RG-8 much better loss though, Ebay stuff had N connectors, but that was easy enough to change.
    My formula:
    Lower loss + higher antenna = more money, but better results.
    If we were all rich and had unlimited assets to spend on toys what fun would that be?
    Hope that helps.


  • iss and vhf contest   10 years 52 weeks ago

    No plans to operate the Jan VHF contest since ISS is in the same class as an aeronautical mobile and can't give a grid square or be worked for points.
    Bill might be on that weekend but that would just be part of his regular voice operations.

  • suit sat   10 years 52 weeks ago

    Hello Carl,

    Do want to select suisat when it is
    not launched yet?
    Probably it will launch at 3 februari like
    Kenneth wrote.
    At that date you can use ISS keps and after
    a while suisat will drift away from the ISS.
    I think noone has a clue where it go to.
    I have a MSN chat group with many amateurs
    all over the world (observer stations) we are
    going to trie to collect all info from
    them and share the info.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • suit sat   10 years 52 weeks ago

    i could not track suit sat only other satelites what sat do i need to track or if someone could track it for me michigan city in 46360 or do i need to wait closer to the date of deployment

  • Voice Contact This morning   10 years 52 weeks ago

    Im wondering what antenna's they have used for
    this event cause there was often noise on
    the recording to hear.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • Very New to Packet   10 years 52 weeks ago

    Hello Om,

    Tell me where you want to use packet for?
    Is it for ISS?
    For ISS you can use AGW with UISS4.1.1
    Also UIVIEW is nice to use.
    I have made an easy manual for these
    Click on the red ISS button.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • High Res MIR pictures: anyone?   11 years 2 hours ago
    You might try going through the shuttle photo gallery archives [url][/url] They had this photo in the STS-76 archive. [url][/url] This one in the STS-79 archive. [url][/url] And this one in the STS-91 archive. [url][/url] Shuttle missions to MIR were STS-71, 74, 76, 79, 81, 84, 86, 89 and 91.
  • High Res MIR pictures: anyone?   11 years 3 hours ago

    Hi. I guess this is my first post in the forum....

    A query on google image asking for hi res pics only gives some results, some around 1500x1000...
    Hope this helps...

    Michael - IW1GJS

  • suit sat   11 years 5 hours ago

    The EVA has been rescheduled for Feb 3. The Hatch is schedule to open at 22:20 UTC and SuitSat should be deployed about an hour later. This date may change again but that is the current deployment target date and time as of Jan 26.

  • SuitSat   11 years 5 hours ago

    The EVA is being currently being rescheduled for Feb 3.

  • ARISS Event - Georgia Tech, Thur (Jan 19) at 15:05 UTC   11 years 5 hours ago

    A recording of the Georgia Tech contact is available online from

  • ARISS Contact Schedule and Successful school list updated 2006-01-19 00:00 UTC   11 years 5 hours ago

    A recording of the Georgia Tech contact is available online from

  • ARISS Event - Georgia Tech, Thur (Jan 19) at 15:05 UTC   11 years 9 hours ago

    Between listening to the down link and the hearing the last part from the stream, it appears Bill got through 15 questions. Very nice contact!
    Kenneth - N5VHO

  • ARISS Event - Georgia Tech, Thur (Jan 19) at 15:05 UTC   11 years 9 hours ago

    Well, it was supposed to be simulcast on WREK but they had some technical glitches and only managed to get about 3 solid minutes of the contact on the air. As far as I could tell by listening to the downlink, the full 10-minute contact was successful, it was just the broadcast band simulcast that wasn't.

  • ARISS Event - Georgia Tech, Thur (Jan 19) at 15:05 UTC   11 years 20 hours ago

    I have heard that the school radio station will carry the contact and will host it via the internet. The web link is

  • suit sat   11 years 23 hours ago

    SuitSat will be downlink only.

    Here is a page with all of the information you will need to receive it, including ways to track it:

    73, Zach, KE7EYQ

  • Space Tourism and related Questionnaire   11 years 1 day ago

    you can add my email address.
    9K2MD de Maryam

  • Has bill worked SD yet? / Was my contact successful?   11 years 1 day ago

    Shhhh! don't want the whole world knowing we're clutzes up here! :P

    Thanks for the reply (and chuckle).

  • Has bill worked SD yet? / Was my contact successful?   11 years 1 day ago

    Must be a South Dakota thing there, your message sounds EXACTLEY like my contact with Bill late last year.... he suprised me early one morning, the only thing I can add to your debacle was spilling hot coffee all over myself LOL... same scenario as yours other than that right down to the LOS & asleep at the switch... etc etc etc. I actually thought I had recorded my QSO, but due to further technical (operator) difficulties I tubed that too!!!!!!!!!!

    I will keep trying..... got a spill free coffee cup for Christmas!!

    Sioux Falls SD


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