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  • Qso via ISS repeater   10 years 39 weeks ago


    The most time (in the pass) we loose with
    QRM from people who use too loud modulation and
    people who do not correct their doppler.
    For some we can not blame cause they never
    been envolved in sat operation, and some are lazy
    to learn doppler effect(these group is worse!).
    I have made an easy manual for doppler software.
    I hope it helps a bit.

    It's true it gives less QRM when the
    uplink was on 2m. (VHF requeres less correction).
    But many people who do not know what doppler is
    keep calling cause they can not find the ISS
    repeater on the downlink.
    More people have VHF radios so they have
    the fun of listening and maybe they
    became enthusiast for other amateur sats.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • Qso via ISS repeater   10 years 39 weeks ago

    Hello to all,
    It is the same problem as for contact with NAS1SS or RS0ISS. Some stations made two or more contact and didn't permit to "QRP" station to make a little contact.

    For N5VHO, why not to have chosen 145.800 for UP and 437.800 as DWN for repeater ? It's more easier for a lot of stations.

    Toufik, F0DEI :oops:

  • Who is the lady ending "XKT"?   10 years 40 weeks ago

    Definitly it's nice to hear more YL active on ISS ;) Hopefully you will hear me when I get my UHF/VHF radio.

  • ISS crossband (voice) repeater system is on!   10 years 40 weeks ago

    If you have a QSO with Bill, please keep it short so others can have the same chance. I heard NA1SS for the first time lastnight on the repeater and was unable to work him due to another ham having a 7 minute QSO.
    73 de Thomas KC7BFK

  • 145.99 discussions   10 years 40 weeks ago

    yes but...not for news!The chat will be only for simply questions.This is easy way to eliminate the stupid questions on the SATATUS BAR on main page...We can make vote...

  • ISS crossband (voice) repeater system is on!   10 years 40 weeks ago

    Thanks, Cor!

    Hello All....

    Cor is RIGHT!
    Doppler correction is a MUST for TX or you will not make it.
    Also, mic gain should be low if adjustable.
    If you can not adjust, back off from the mic a few inches.
    A normal voice at 6" away from the mic should be OK.
    Hope to hear/talk to you on ISS repeater!

    73, Scott WA6LIE
    Salinas, Ca. CM96

  • 145.99 discussions   10 years 40 weeks ago

    here is the site admin, to protect and serve! :-)

    Well, as Kenneth said we used to have a chat room a few years ago and it was rarely used.
    The chat room is nice but remember that while the information posted on the forum or in the news is kept forever, all the info posted in the chat room is immediately lost.
    By the way, if other users think it would be nice, we can consider the idea of installing another chat room on this site.

    About the bogus posts in the Amateur Radio block, I encourage all the moderators to simply erase them. I do erase the confusing or non relevant posts and I think the others should do the same.


  • 145.99 discussions   10 years 40 weeks ago

    I can't find information about site administrator...Who is?Somebody to know his e-mail adress? I think that it will be very usefull to put live chat again!

  • Have you talked to the ISS? (POLL)   10 years 40 weeks ago

    1 contact with Bill.


  • ISS in Repeater mode soon   10 years 40 weeks ago

    The timeline shows that activation of the crossband repeater should begin at 1430 UTC on Dec 27.

    Hope all goes well.

    Kenneth - N5VHO

  • 145.99 discussions   10 years 40 weeks ago

    At one time, it did have a live chat room available. It rarely got used. Not sure when it went away. Guess you could always provide feed back to the system admin and ask if a live chat can be put back.

  • 145.99 discussions   10 years 40 weeks ago

    I think that this site must have dinamic chat on the main page for discussions....

  • ISS frequency question?!   10 years 40 weeks ago

    Thanks to all!
    I will check the news on the main page...
    But i have second question!Can i view some timetable for the ISS voice activity?I'm yearning for voice contact with iss but i don't know when they are in voice mode...Tonight i haerd ISS for the first time ever since 6 is rediculas ;)

  • 145.99 discussions   10 years 40 weeks ago


    Very strong signal on France, but Bill never give qsl to French stations ... :cry:

    F0DEI, Toufik

  • 145.99 discussions   10 years 40 weeks ago
    [quote:03044a53e2="N5VHO"]Please post your discussion topics in the forum. The ACTIVE status section is for recent reports only. Here are the comments not reporting ISS crew status previously posted in the VOICE STATUS area. [quote:03044a53e2] 20:58z Dec 26 2005 Anonymous UR4MCK Thanks for your information, I have try your links.But, the way is not directly to the audio file, difficult to find because the windows is not in english! 73's F5PMR 20:22z Dec 26 2005 LZ1KKA what is the uplink frequency?Im waiting for next pass at 21:24 UTC over Bulgaria. Please writte in English! I wrote this question in the forum. thanks! 20:21z Dec 26 2005 toufik Pour le prochain passage rien de specifier normalement ca sera du packet up 145.990 dwn 145.800 Parfois la sation et remise en phonie up 145.200 dwn 145.800. Bientôt le mode repeater lire a cette page : ISS contact. 73 Toufik, F0DEI 20:16z Dec 26 2005 Anonymous En réponse à F4 EGU, la fréquence 145.990 était annoncée en simplex, je suppose qu'il fallait donc aussi émettre sur cette fréquence! C'est ce que j'ai fait, toutefois sans succés, a moins d'avoir eu le Qsl durant mes appels! Je ne sais pas, s'il est possible d'avoir le log? J'ai toutefois des doutes à lire les posts d'OM d'autres continents! Qui eux travaillaient en split sur d'autres fréquences.. Si quelqu'un peut éclairer notre lanterne? Cordialement F5PMR Jean-Pierre 20:15z Dec 26 2005 Anonymous Ok Toufik, sais tu si la station seras active au prochain passage? Sinon c'est 145.800 Down et 145.200 Up pour l'europe 73's F4EGU 20:12z Dec 26 2005 toufik La fréquencede montée est bien 145.990 pour ce passage uniquement (simplex) 73 QR0 Toufik, F0DEI - JN26UK 20:10z Dec 26 2005 Anonymous The Uplink Frequency is not 145.990...but i dont know the uplink frequency... Connaissez vous la frequence de montée? 73's F4EGU 19:59z Dec 26 2005 Anonymous Hi What are the frequency? Downlink is 145.990 But Uplink is? Thanks F4EGU [/quote:03044a53e2][/quote:03044a53e2] :oops: N5VHO I am Sorry for the unplesantness, excuse us, thanks for the transfert of our posts on the forum for topics discussion! :wink: Best 73's Jean-Pierre de F5PMR
  • ISS frequency question?!   10 years 40 weeks ago

    ISS worked on 145,990MHz during so called "SPACE PATROL" operation. This frequency is not good for me (and many others hams) to uplink to the ISS, but I was able to listen to RS0ISS by adjusting varactor in my home made VHF synthesizer. It is a bad thing for me that they are used frequencies not in 25kHz step. Will hope that changes sometimes...

  • ISS frequency question?!   10 years 40 weeks ago

    The operation on 145.99 simplex was part of a special event called "Star Patrol". See the news section for info on this recent event. Operations will now resume to normal frequencies and it is expected that Crossband Repeater mode will go active at 1430 UTC on Dec 27 and stay that way until 0912 UTC Dec 31.
    Uplink for that operation is 437.80 and downlink is 145.80.

  • ISS frequency question?!   10 years 40 weeks ago


    For the next pass ,the iss is probably in packet mode.
    maybe some time the isscrew turne the TRX in voice mode.

    For last pass RS0ISS is active on simplex 145.990 for Christmas day look on issfanclub site for info.
    73 Toufik, F0DEI

  • Have you talked to the ISS? (POLL)   10 years 41 weeks ago

    It wasn't the ISS but I talked to John Blaha on MIR

  • NA1SS on Thailand! pse help!   10 years 41 weeks ago

    the station is contact at 1430 UTC in Thailand is HS4POV and HS1JAN

  • NA1SS on Thailand! pse help!   10 years 41 weeks ago
    reposted from voice reports: [quote:d78fd11d86]14:30 UTC Mr. "Bill" McArthur� The first voice contact HS4POV from Thailand amateurs and again. Thanks for your Cor PD0RKC ,N5VHO ,To Every Station support. and I would like to say that there are still many ham in Thailand awaiting for the contact. 73,Nattapol HS2WAQ[/quote:d78fd11d86]
  • Have you talked to the ISS? (POLL)   10 years 41 weeks ago

    Bill McArthur X 1 on 12/12/05.

  • Bill NA1SS hamradio picture!   10 years 41 weeks ago

    My search keyword Bill+McArthur+KC5ACR in the google mode pacture no have Bill Op. on ISS

  • NA1SS on Thailand! pse help!   10 years 41 weeks ago
    As you can see in this article: [url][/url], Bill is trying to work as many operators in as many different countries as possible. His work schedule and orbit pass times greatly influence his ability to operate. Bill has been most active on weekends due to a lighter work load. Be thankful that Bill is making amateur radio a priority during his mission time aboard ISS. Good luck.
  • NA1SS on Thailand! pse help!   10 years 41 weeks ago

    Thank you, PD0RKC Mr.Cor


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