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  • ISS/PCSAT operations   10 years 10 weeks ago

    ok how come when i watch the downlink freq for pacsat this morning all the digipaths were , w3ado-1* call , when all i see is do not use this call from the websites ,? and the next pass was pacsat-1,,, im confused,,, :?

  • Tracking Software under Linux   10 years 10 weeks ago

    I use ktrack. Its definitely the best looking one.
    Linux tracking gui's are are very primitive if compared to Windows ones... but you know, its the price you have to pay if you want to be free! :-)

    Open Source forever!

  • ISS/PCSAT operations   10 years 10 weeks ago

    well ,,,, i got invalved it a auto repair and i completely forgot about the satalite pass :( i gues i mist it , i got good copy from both sats ,, and im still gettin good copy , 10 to 12 stations , i have not tx'ed up to pacsat yet , but maybe tomarrow,,,
    also does anybody know if they will try the same thing again some day ,,

  • ISS/PCSAT operations   10 years 10 weeks ago
    From the SAREX bulletin board: [quote:c7a9b5c821]PCsat is still working, but suffered a reset at about 0912z just rising over Europe in the morning. But PCsat was still over the dark Atlantic and getting minimal solar power. Apparently the user load tripped her into a reset condition. Fortunately she does not enter full eclipse until Tomorrow and we were able to restore her within 3 hours. After Saturday, a RESET will probably mean a loss of command function, users should NOT attempt any packets through PCsat until well after sunrise or after PCsat is to your east. The satellite must be in sun or only a few pakcets will kill it again... So best to just operate in the aftrernoon passes. Thanks de WB4APR, Bob[/quote:c7a9b5c821] Additionally, do NOT use W3ADO-1 to digi. This can cause the satellite to be weaken to the point of being unrecoverable.
  • ISS/PCSAT operations   10 years 10 weeks ago
    [quote:7d872f8765="K6MOX"] ... i have a question, do we need to put , sgate,wide , in the unproto path so it gets in to the website stuff ,, i forgot what it is called ,, , or will it get there ok by itself,, [/quote:7d872f8765] Just use the UNPROTO CQ VIA RS0ISS-3, PCSAT-1 path or UNPROTO CQ VIA PCSAT-1,RS0ISS-3 depending on which satellite you want to try to digi through first. It will still show up on the PCsat heard page [url][/url] or the ISS heard page [url][/url] [quote:7d872f8765="K6MOX"] also is that the normal freq of pacsat,? [/quote:7d872f8765] Yes. PCSAT normally operates on 145.825. You can find out more about PCSAT (NO-44) here [url][/url]
  • ISS/PCSAT operations   10 years 10 weeks ago

    hi guys , good stuff about the double contact possibillity, i have a question, do we need to put , sgate,wide , in the unproto path so it gets in to the website stuff ,, i forgot what it is called ,, , or will it get there ok by itself,,
    also is that the normal freq of pacsat,? i have never made contact with that sat befor ,,
    it look like there will be a possoble double contact today about 23:00 utc , for my location , so im going to do my best to be there ,, good luck to anybody who can hear me , im goin to start tryin at the beginning of the pacsat pass , when iss is over i think russa somewhere and stop trying at the end of the iss pass when pacsat is over south america somewhere ,, O_BOY I CANT WAIT !!! :D

  • ISS/PCSAT operations   10 years 10 weeks ago

    ISS will be on 145.825 simplex during this test. It will return to the standard 145.800 down and 145.99 up after this test.

  • ISS/PCSAT operations   10 years 10 weeks ago






  • TRACKING   10 years 11 weeks ago

    I havent had much time lately to work on this site (a looooot of things to do :? )
    The tacking module should be now be back online. Let me know if it works. Thanks


  • TRACKING   10 years 11 weeks ago

    The same situation is in my side. Also I couldn´t track the ISS.

    73 Andrej

  • What is your favorite tracking program?   10 years 12 weeks ago


    I'm using WXTrack and I think it is the best. I have tried Orbitron and SatScape but WXTrack is most simple and useful.

    73 !!!

  • Packet on ISS   10 years 12 weeks ago

    I just noticed the lack of activity too. It is common for the radio to be turned off prior to an EVA (next one is Jan 26) but it seems a bit early for that. Chances are, the TNC locked up (not too uncommon after solar events) and needs a power cycle. Being this close to the space walk, it will probably not get cycled until afterwards when they would normally power things back on.

    A school contact is set for N. Mexico this Thursday (27th). Hope all in the footprint can monitor.

  • Defintion of QSO via ISS   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Happy to confirm Texas and EL29 for you. Will await your card.

  • Defintion of QSO via ISS   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Kenneth thanks for the info, I wanted to make sure I was on the same page as every one else, at least most everyone else. I posed the question on AMSAT BBS and got the same.
    That station that sent eQSL as hearing me is now active as of the last 2 passes, so I will work him "correctly" and then we can exchange. I think I am going to get out of the eQSL biz altogether and go direct. Its convienent but has lots of faults (Non AG) for one. Right now I do this for fun, not trying for awards etc but want to make sure work done is correct in case I ever change my mind.
    I understand although I do look at it, I learned the disadvantages of that a while back.


    P.S. I also considered ours a QSO. so expect a card (i send with SASE) when I do them towards the end of the month.

  • Defintion of QSO via ISS   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Hey Brian,
    Thanks for the quick exchange the other day. That counts as a QSO.
    I tend to follow pretty much your criteria for a QSO. Two way exchange in real time.
    Some people do set different goals for themselves like having someone in a bunch of different countries reply to their posting on the ISS bbs or wanting a SWL from operators in every state (just one way). I'm sure some of those exchanges have different objectives. Now I guessing at the email angle but maybe that is to compare unattended beacon logs to see if a 2-way took place?
    One final thought. Don't use for confirmation that a QSO took place. That system is only as good as the monitoring stations and does not report all that ISS retransmits. Many of my contacts never showed because a listening station didn't copy it to pass it on to the site.

  • Packet BBS   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Thanks for all of your input. I agree about the repeater mode as well :2m up and 70cm down. I suppose that would work. I need some help. What would I have to get for a dedicated packet/aprs system? I have a Yaesu FT-736R DualBander radio and some others that have a packet connection option.

  • Packet BBS   10 years 12 weeks ago

    :lol: I believe too many people are transmitting too often and utilizing
    unattended beacons. The station radio wont transmit until it hears nothing
    on the uplink. On the weekends, I hear long dumps of data.

    With the lack of the -11 bbs, all we can do is digipeat and that is only
    gratifying to a point.

    I request that the ISS radio be put in cross-band repeat mode, perhaps
    this time 2 meters up and uhf down.

    I would much rather talk to the astronauts but they are too busy.
    So lets talk around the continent.

    Patrick, N2OEQ
    Via the sarex mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
    To unsubscribe, send "unsubscribe sarex" to

  • Packet BBS   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Hi Brandon,
    Reasonable question. Voice would be easier for a lot more folks but that also means that someone has to be at the mic on the other end. The school contacts are scheduled program events so time is carved out of the crew schedule. The crew are encouraged to make general contacts on their own but that interest varies widely from person to person. The current crew has not shown a high interest as of yet so you would end up listening to nothing. I suspect that will change with the next crew due to arrive in April.

    Currently, only 2 satellites are dedicated to 1200 baud packet operations and the other (PCSAT) is not fully operation. Switching this one would eliminate dedicated 1200 baud packet operaitions from space.

    Long term plan is to provide simultaenous and multiple mode operations but a few more components are need to be added to the ISS. These components are expected to be delivered during 2005.

  • Packet BBS   10 years 12 weeks ago

    P.S. I am NOT trying to start anything here.


  • What is your favorite tracking program?   10 years 12 weeks ago

    I don't remember. I was just messing around. I think it might be where it says "Show Next". It also depends on what version you have. I JUST downloaded mine.

    If you need anymore help email me at : KC0TKB AT

    (replace AT with @)

  • What is your favorite tracking program?   10 years 12 weeks ago

    AO-51,AO-27,SO-50,SO-41 are not on my list of satellites to track? How did you get them to show up in Orbitron?

  • What is your favorite tracking program?   10 years 12 weeks ago

    I use Orbitron. ALL THE TIME. I am more of a AO-51,AO-27,SO-50,SO-41 type of guy. They don't require packet radio equipment like the ISS. Maybe it is just me. I dont know! :?

  • ISS beacon.   10 years 13 weeks ago

    Maybe this is greek to some.

    Pasted from Orbitron: (Note the bold.)

    NAME: International Space Station ISS
    LAUNCHED: 1998/11/20@06:20 (ZARYA)
    SITE: Baikonur/Tyura Tam, CIS
    STATUS: Operational
    CREW: Expedition 10
    DNLINK: 145.800* NFM Voice+packet+APRS
    DNLINK: 145.800* NFM Repeater
    DNLINK: 145.825 NFM (Testing)
    DNLINK: 143.625 NFM (VHF-1 voice)
    DNLINK: 143.635 NFM (old military voice)
    DNLINK: 130.167 NFM (VHF-2 voice)
    DNLINK: 247.000 AM (EVAs)
    DNLINK: 463.000 TV-1
    DNLINK: 436.000 TV
    DNLINK: 400.100 ESA Global
    UPLINK: 437.800 Repeater
    UPLINK: 145.990 Packet+APRS
    UPLINK: 145.200 Region 1 voice
    UPLINK: 144.490 Region 2/3 voice
    UPLINK: 139.208 VHF-1 Voice NFM
    UPLINK: 121.750 VHF-2 Voice NFM
    UPLINK: 231.000

    BEACON: 166.000 AM TLM
    BEACON: 632.000 AM TLM
    BEACON: 634.000 AM TLM
    BEACON: 628.000 AM TLM
    BEACON: 630.000 AM TLM
    BEACON: 922.76 CW TLM

    CALLSIGN: RS0ISS-11 Packet Mailbox
    CALLSIGN: RS0ISS-3 Packet Keyboard
    CALLSIGN: ARISS* Digipeater
    SIG: Very good voice signal NA1SS
    LASTRX: 2004/07/31@1838
    UPDATED: 2004/11/07
    NOTES: The current Expedition 10 crew:
    - Commander Leroy Chiao, KE5BRW
    - Flight Engineer Salizhan Sharipov

    [u:fe74c4ec84]I'm new to this packet, and voice stuff.[/u:fe74c4ec84] I'm simply wondering if the beacon is something like what was on Sputnik?



  • What is your favorite tracking program?   10 years 13 weeks ago

    I prefer a program that isn't so windows 3.1 looking. I've yet to come across a satellite program that looks better than Orbitron. I tried Nova, but what irritated me was the fact that the window would not maximize, and if you were watching more than one satellite you had to horizontally scoll to the next satellites data (and limited too). I'm not much of a coder, but I sure could have made a better GUI. Nova is good though. It has that same rough, and blotchy look as a lot of other satellite tracking programs do.

    What irritates me about watching for satellites is the fact that you can go outside, and know exactly where to look, the time to look, and it will sometimes be ten to fifteen minutes off. So I go out twenty minutes early.

    Example: Cosmos #### R/B, and SL-# R/B are side by side heading 345 degrees (S to NNW), and... Atlas Centaur is heading 80 degrees (SSW to ENE). For simplicity I will say that these three will be about 70 degrees in altitude at 6:50 pm. I go out at 6:30 pm, and see them at 6:35 pm, but according to the various satellite tracking programs (not just Orbitron) they at that moment are about 10 minutes from the horizon. The reason I know this to be true is because I watch for the patterns.

    Yes my clock settings are correct!
    Yes my altitude is correct! GPS verified
    Yes my latitude, and longitude is correct! GPS verified

    So why is this? It's very annoying!


  • What is your favorite tracking program?   10 years 13 weeks ago

    I still like STS Plus... Nova would be my next choice, but I dn't have web access in my basement yet. Gotta get a modem, then I'll use Nova

    73 Jeff


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