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  • ISS VOICE CONTACT   9 years 50 weeks ago

    Hello Mauricio,

    Congratulations for your voice :lol: contact.
    Maybe nice for you to have the ISS QSL card to
    confirm your voice contact!

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • nasa ground/ iss transmissions?   9 years 50 weeks ago
    Ok, Now how about the rest of the world???? (US, UK, ECT. ECT. ECT.) I didn't think there was any 'CLEAR' channels used so I never asked. N9OEW 8) [url][/url] [url][/url]
  • ISS VOICE CONTACT   9 years 50 weeks ago

    Hello Mauricio,

    very happy to hear about your succesful contact with NA1SS !!
    In Europe only packet system was active.
    For us it will be the next time :)

    Congratulations again 73 de Claudio IK1SLD 8)

  • ISS VOICE CONTACT   9 years 50 weeks ago

    I was hoping Mike Fincke would be active over South America. He was provided with times for an excellent pass over that area and it appears that he had the chance to talk then.

    Thanks for the report and feel free to post the contact times, frequency and signal report.

  • nasa ground/ iss transmissions?   9 years 50 weeks ago

    If you are in Europe you might try the VHF1 channel on 143.625 FM.
    What you will eventually hear there is the downlink. To copy the uplink (139.208) you must be in the Moskow area.
    During spacewalks you can try tuning on 121.750 and 130.167.
    That's all my experience can suggest because other systems rely on microwaves and contains encrypted stuff.

  • Field day voice question   9 years 50 weeks ago

    In reference to contacts being made from a list. They do make school contacts from a schedule but NO list is used for general contacts so Field Day is a free for all. You have as good a chance as anyone... provided you use the 144.49 uplink for voice in Region 2 (N. and S. America).

    I heard Mike on 3 passes over North America today (June 27) and heard him work stations in Mexico and Guatemala. Also thought I heard a 7J station get QSL'd.

    Hope you enjoyed the chance to hear and try to "talk" to the ISS.

  • Field day voice question   9 years 50 weeks ago

    Hello All,

    I have heard only packet (today) on europe.
    But the orbit on north america did not
    go to Holland!
    Was there also ISS activity on 70cm?
    I know it was anounced but I gues there
    has been never activity on 70cm??!?!??!

    73's Cor PD0RKC
    :( ISS when do you call us on europe???

  • Field day voice question   9 years 50 weeks ago

    I was able to hear NA1SS on their pass earlier this morning. It sounded as if they were working from a list of contacts to be made. Is this true?

    They did come through loud and clear, and it was really exciting to hear voice.

    I was listening duplex, and tried to make contact, but no go. This is why I was wondering if they were working a list.

  • Field day voice question   9 years 50 weeks ago
    [quote:c93ebac49d] Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2004 12:45 am Post subject: Field day voice question Are we supposed to be transmitting duplex like we do for APRS 145.800/145.990 + or are we working 145.800 simplex?[/quote:c93ebac49d] As stated on the frequency list your voice uplink is 144.490. Unfortunately pass times are not good for Europe this days... so no voice over here.
  • COPY / PASTE : we better watch it   9 years 50 weeks ago

    Yes Cor,
    small sentences are fine... but longer texts are not legally acceptable.
    We just have to report what we read in other words, then add a link.

    I think the most important part of a post are the personal comments... more than the news itself. A news can be found anywhere:,, but comments from enthusiasts make this site unique.



  • COPY / PASTE : we better watch it   9 years 50 weeks ago

    Hello Alain,

    I saw my msg (ISS oxygen leakage news) has been removed.
    Most NASA news are free to copy (and publish) but
    I gues not for CNN news (I should have read their
    rules before publish :oops: ).
    I saw Claudio cut the text and put a link to CNN, but
    even that was removed.


    73's Cor

  • Radios off for EVA   9 years 50 weeks ago

    oxygen leak quickly stops space walk!

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • Radios off for EVA   9 years 50 weeks ago

    In other words:


    EVA is the official term used by NASA to define a 'SPACEWALK'

    73's de N9OEW 8)

  • SPECIAL THANX   9 years 50 weeks ago

    My pleasure. Hope you continue to enjoy it as much as I do. I spent a year working on AMSAT Sexigesimal award just using ISS. Took even longer getting the cards in.

    Kinda cool getting to use a multi billion dollar ham station :lol:

  • Radios off for EVA   9 years 50 weeks ago

    EVA stands for Extra Vehicular activity.
    During eva's transmitting devices are turned off for safety reasons.

  • Radios off for EVA   9 years 50 weeks ago

    Sorry what is EVA?
    Is it got to do with a space walk or something?


  • UISS PROGRAM   9 years 50 weeks ago

    Perhaps the author explained it best as he writes on his website:

    "This program has been designed for packet communication with ISS
    (International Space Station), PCSat or 'compatible' satellites with ease... Ideal for any UI packet communication (unproto). You can digi or connect the satellites (or nodes) with UI-frames (unproto) complete with TX-data (text), APRS location and/or APRS messages, bulletins, news, mail etc...
    UISS can be used for normal basic packet operations too.
    Powerful features allows you easy monitoring of any type of AX25 packet traffic, UNproto or not. "

    And it is freeware! :)

  • New Beacon message   9 years 50 weeks ago
    Yes, the packet beacon transmits on 145.80. You can see some of the activity by looking at [url][/url]. The packet uplink is on 145.99. Voice uplink is on 145.20 for ITU region 1 and 144.49 for region 2 and 3. Some more info is available here: [url][/url] Enjoy,
  • UISS PROGRAM   9 years 50 weeks ago

    Sorry to be ignorant can someone please tell me what UISS is used for?
    Im really new to all this.


  • New Beacon message   9 years 50 weeks ago

    was it on 145.8Mhz?
    Sorry im new to all this.


  • ISS Tracker   9 years 51 weeks ago

    rgr that thank you. End of Strand... not further replies requsted......

  • ISS Tracker   9 years 51 weeks ago
    [quote:0697a7c3cd]Does the program provide for the ISS Scheduel (Sleep hours, work hours, and such) . Was wanting to know. or is it a strait pass generator like WIN-Orbit???[/quote:0697a7c3cd] Its a tracking program like Win-Orbit.
  • ISS Tracker   9 years 51 weeks ago

    Does the program provide for the ISS Scheduel (Sleep hours, work hours, and such) . Was wanting to know. or is it a strait pass generator like WIN-Orbit???

  • UISS PROGRAM   9 years 51 weeks ago

    Just to say a new version of UISS has been released just a week ago which can be downloaded at the website of on6mu

    This is what I copied from his website:

    [size=9:ec732460d4]- LAN Mode! Now possible to use UISS over a LAN or even Internet.
    - New option: Selectable RX ports!
    - New option: Automatic logging of Monitor;
    Log all packets or only digipeated packets received by UISS into a file.
    - New option: Show port numbers in the packets in the Monitor (enable/disable in Setup->Display)
    - New option: Sort or unsort the Mheard list (registered option)
    - Set the TX and RX port as desired (RX and TX can also be set different if needed)
    - Improvements in the internal program structure - it consumes even less processor resources for even smoother operation
    - SlowPC setting to improve the performance for maximal speed and efficiency on slow PC's even more
    - Separate directories for Logs and Reports and by default uses the directory for Reports and Logs
    - Saving Mheard list is now saved as mheard<date>.log (date in filename) and with total stations heard
    - Saving APRS messages is now saved as UISS_APRS_Messages<date>.log (also date in filename)
    - Logs layout improved
    - Two new APRS icons
    - User definable APRS Icons!
    - Automated beacon time is now formatted as hour:minutes (seconds are gone)
    - Automated beacon settings are now saved and the Autobeacon also starts if the end-time isn't reached.
    Note: Automated Beacon is a feature for registered users.
    - Drag-and-Drop Mheard call sign and call signs in To-, Via- and For input fields
    - Drag-and Drop text from other applications upon the Send Data button.
    - Coherent colors in the area of the TX input boxes.
    - New option: Coherent colors inside the TX boxes can be set on or off.
    - Connection dialog simplified en totally re-written, now with separate input fields; calls stored automatically!
    - VB-Module: UISS saves its working directory into the registry for use with UISS Modules.
    - Intelligent beacon feature (option for registered users who donated to Amsat or UISS)
    With this feature the beacon will only transmit when packet activity is heard, and will stop transmitting when packet activity on the set frequency stops! You can even set a certain call on which the beacon should react upon! All automatically.
    - UTC time now up to minutes accurate: not only hours- but also minutes offset can be set.
    - Memory storage of the To-, Via-, For- and Connect boxes increased to 15.
    - Mheard list capacity increased.
    - Beacon interval can be set as low as 2 seconds (to support the ISS ET Shadow experiment)
    - Bug fix: Beacon timing problems and deviations (especially noticeable on relative slow PC's): now fixed
    - Bug fix: switching Autobeacon back off and on, now fixed
    - Bug fix: "out of memory" error that occurred on some older PC's now fixed
    - Bug fix: Via,To boxes reverted back to its default setting instead of the selected when entering Setup, now fixed
    - Bug fix: when UISS was resized to a very small size and using Expand and Restore options the program ended, now fixed
    - Bug fix: when changing path, the path was not found when using the Soundrecorder and the Wav-patch
    - Bug fix: main help file could not always be relocated; fixed
    - Bug fix: delay in beacon interval when changing the beacon settings via Setup: fixed
    - Bug fix: sending text longer then 255 characters while you are connected (Connection window) displayed the message twice in the Connection window (not in the Monitor window): fixed
    - Bug fix: forced upper case in the For: field (Sending APRS message): fixed
    - Bug fix: Run-time error '401' fixed
    - New and complete update of the help file in Polish (Jakub, SQ2WB)
    - New help file in Spanish (Marcelino, LU7DSU)
    - English help file illustrated.
    - And more general fixes and improvements.[/size:ec732460d4]

  • UISS over a LAN   9 years 51 weeks ago

    There is recently a new UISS version released V4.0 which allows UISS to work over a LAN :D ! You can download it at the website


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