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  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 4 days ago

    G'day Wayne,

    The downlink has been back on 145.825 for the past couple of days, and I haven't had any problem receiving on a VX-8GR HT. Are you receiving terrestrial APRS fine?

    Ben VK2FBRB

  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 5 days ago

    The ISS is consistently hearing and reporting my APRS packets. I see the reports on I use 2 IDs, k1wdr-6 and k1wdr-9. One is for my terrestrial operations, but I don't remember offhand which is which. (!)
    But, I cannot hear the packets from the ISS on 145.825 MHz. Is the ISS downlink frequency different from the 145.825 MHz that I am using for uplink? Please respond before I go completely bonkers looking for the problem in my new antenna and D-700!

  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 1 week ago

    It does look like they left the radio on the wrong setup. Should be changing back to 145.825 soon.

  • min power iss contact   1 year 1 week ago

    Yes, this is theoretically possible as the ISS at TCA is only 200 miles up and clear of obstructions. If you live on an island in the South Pacific then this might even be practical but if you have any other operators in the ISS footprint then you will be competing and the strongest FM signal wins. It is kind of like trying to have multiple operators talk at the same time on your local FM repeater.

  • min power iss contact   1 year 1 week ago

    To a person with no name,

    You did not tell us in what region you life.
    Above in issfanclub page you see the menu.
    Go to Frequencies.
    Luca Parmitano was the last voice active crewmember.
    Luca recently landed back on earth.

    Cor PD0RKC

  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 1 week ago

    Still on 145.800 at 0700Z over VK.

  • min power iss contact   1 year 1 week ago

    Sorry, I'm referring to voice contact.
    But can I try every passage on 145.200 Mhz?
    Are there any problems if packet is active?

  • Setting up Radio for doppler effect   1 year 1 week ago

    I got a baofeng uv-5ra and how do I program I know it's 145.800 what's the ctss pl code offset and shift I'm know at trying to get should of the iss I'm a nasa buff

  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 1 week ago

    The amateur radios are required to be powered down for vehicles arriving, departing the Russian segment and for EVAs. We had a Soyuz arrive, an EVA and a Soyuz depart in short order. Amateur radio should return to service after the school contact on Wed due to the busy crew schedule post Soyuz undock.

  • SSTV   1 year 1 week ago

    The ISS Fan Club web page is not a NASA sponsored site. You will need to contact NASA PAO to make this request. Be sure to look at their video site that does provide various views from ISS depending on the time of day and activity. When the crew is sleeping then the view is usually of the Earth.

  • UISS/SatGate Setup   1 year 1 week ago

    Thanks for your time and the help. I am going to look at UIView and see if I can get that to work. I am also trying to learn more about APRS and IGates. I think I need to understand the basics before I try setting this up.

    73's Len KF5ELB

  • SSTV   1 year 1 week ago

    I was wondering if we could see more about what y'all are working on inside the station besides a video monitor where the camera seems to be pointed now.


  • UISS/SatGate Setup   1 year 2 weeks ago

    Keep the orginal settings in the satgate module.
    Dont change the filter setting: p/ISS/W3ADO
    Validation number is importand.
    Igate connection crashed here a couple of times at 24 hour operation so
    I have used UVIEW software as igate.
    In UIVIEW you can select AGW driver.
    But in UIVIEW standard severs list is old you need to
    download a new server list.
    Here is a good example for igate settings:

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • Setting up Radio for doppler effect   1 year 2 weeks ago

    Verry good to use doppler correction.
    I am sure most amateurs don't correct doppler.
    With no doppler correction less packets from and to ISS

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • Frequencies   1 year 2 weeks ago

    Hello someone with no name,

    ISS is most active with packet!
    145.825Mhz (FM/N).

    73s Cor PD0RKC

  • min power iss contact   1 year 2 weeks ago

    You dont explain what contact you want.

    I have heard in the past some amateurs have succesful their aprs beacons digipeated
    via ISS with using a Kenwood TH-D7 handheld radio.
    If you want to make a voice contact with ISS crew you must improve
    your station with a base/mobile radio with a GP groundplane
    base antenna.
    Better is to use a yagi antenne because if a ISS crewmember is often active a lot people are aware and trying.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • min power iss contact   1 year 2 weeks ago

    Its very possible - but only if you dont get trampled upon by stronger stations.

    I worked the Shuttle (think it was Columbia) back in the day using exactly this setup. And their window antenna was not as good as the ones on ISS today.

    There are several satellites that many stations have used to repeat through using handhelds, so the signals do get up there very nicely.

    From what I have seen there has not been much 'random' operations from the ISS in recent times - definately not over us here in Africa anyhow - for years.
    But maybe one day one of the crew will get lonely......Hi.

    We do get to listen in on the undock activities when the soyuz returns - just over the horizon on that last orbit before reentry (Chatter is mostly in Russian)

    Good luck.


  • new crew   1 year 2 weeks ago

    Koichi Wakata - KC5ZTA
    Rick Mastracchio - KC5ZTE
    Mikhail Tyurin - RZ3FT

  • Setting up Radio for doppler effect   1 year 2 weeks ago

    This is how I have set the Mem of the TS2000 for ISS simplex Pkt 145.825

    DownLink UpLink

    145.828 145.822 AOS
    145.827 145.823
    145.826 145.824
    145.825 145.825 Max Elev
    145.824 145.826
    145.823 145.827
    145.822 145.828 LOS

    Hope this helps

  • Decoding APRS beacons   1 year 2 weeks ago

    this 03/11/13 08.44 utc

    '*-.. .[/>73 to all


    laurent on2vhf

    here for RX ISS station APRS in format .txt

  • Setting up Radio for doppler effect   1 year 2 weeks ago

    AJ9N put together a very nice document that details how one can enter specific ISS frequencies in multiple memory channels so all one has to do is dial through the channels as the Doppler changes.
    The file can be found at

  • BBS news ?   1 year 3 weeks ago

    The BBS RS0ISS-11 is part of the Kenwood D700 radio system in the Russian Segment. That radio has not been active in quite a while for unknown reasons. The BBS associated with the Ericsson radio RS0ISS-1 has been available more frequently.

  • tracking software differences?????   1 year 3 weeks ago

    UTC, GMT and ZULU are all the same

  • Packet QSL Card ?   1 year 3 weeks ago

    Yes, just send in your QSL card and a print out of the BBS message from the ISS.