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  • HamTV Project to Open 'A New Era' for ARISS   38 weeks 6 days ago

    HamTV is an Amsat Italia project developed within the ARISS/ArCOL WG, its purpose is to transmit digital video from the International Space Station as a complement of the half duplex
    voice link carried out within the ARISS school contacts activities.
    The payload is intended to be embarked on the Columbus module of the ISS where an amateur station will be installed and operated. It will use S Band antennas already installed outside the
    European module. The sequence of voice and video transmitted towards the Earth will be captivating, procuring a very intense experience of the pass of the ISS over the ground stations.

    73 Francesco - IKØWGF
    AMSAT Italia - Secretary

  • ISS Radio Report   39 weeks 3 hours ago

    DId not know packet qsy to 145.800Mhz,?is there any info and or change..??
    pse help.Will listen both times.
    Ted hc5k

  • ISS Radio Report   39 weeks 3 days ago

    I read that the EVA was cut short due to European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano reporting that his helmet started filling with water. Hopefully the Packet radio will be reactivated soon!


  • Tracking Issues (was Help please)   39 weeks 5 days ago

    Thanks Alain via this medium as well de Gary

  • Tracking Issues (was Help please)   39 weeks 5 days ago

    Thanks for the help my friend

  • Tracking Issues (was Help please)   39 weeks 5 days ago

    Thanks Ted for the help

  • Tracking Issues (was Help please)   39 weeks 5 days ago

    Thanks Alain so much and I am back in business with IISHAMCLUB
    great soft and will pass info to others if they have any anomalies.

    I read comments of non operational Packet on 145.825 MHz 1200 Bd.

    Hope all is well and return for the marvel of digital packet contacts.


  • Tracking Issues (was Help please)   39 weeks 5 days ago


    As I said please force reload the page and let me know. You are having a cache issue.



  • Tracking Issues (was Help please)   39 weeks 5 days ago

    Hello Gary,

    The problem has nothing to do with your new computer. I had to rewrite most of the scripts that are in the tracker because Google has upgrade from V2 to V3, and the two versions are not compatible.
    I noticed the problem you reported this week, and I only had opportunity to fix it this morning. If you still see it happening that's only because of a cache problem.

    Could you please force a reload to this page? Also, what type of browser are you using?


    Alain K1FM

  • Tracking Issues (was Help please)   39 weeks 5 days ago

    Hello Gary and Ted,

    I think the best solution is to send an e-mail to Alain (IZ6BYY).
    He is the designer of the issfanclub website and I am sure
    he is interested in your problems at this website.
    Alain his e-mail address is:
    Remove the NOSPAM word.

    Above I wrote I also use Win7 and I just checked it
    does run at 64bits without problems at this website.
    Good luck and hope to hear if your problems
    are solved.

    73s Cor PD0RKC

  • Tracking Issues (was Help please)   39 weeks 5 days ago

    aLSO having the trouble....there are not the usual three items:
    it is over you
    change your location

    none of that on my soft and screen...Any help


  • ISS Radio Report   39 weeks 5 days ago

    Wonder where we all canget some info on the status of ISS
    Packet 145.825 Mhz 1200 Bd..Not heard during last pases.
    Who can know and or Help post something on ISSHAMCLUB
    will be ideal and useful

    Ted Hc5k
    Cuenca Ecuador FI07

  • Tracking Issues (was Help please)   39 weeks 5 days ago

    Cor I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. And NO I dont see the 3 items listed in your text above. I do however remember seeing them there before. All I see in that area now is:-
    ISS Position

    Map Data - Terms of Use

    My account
    Top rated contacts
    Top rated images
    Create content
    Log out

    and the google map. What do you make of that, Obviously I have got a problem and will appreciate any further bhelp...Thanks de Gary ZL1KJ

  • Tracking Issues (was Help please)   39 weeks 5 days ago

    Hello Gary ZL1KJ,

    Probably the little ISS real time tracker map (left top side) does not know your location?
    Do you see these details under the map:

    Your location: NL [change it]
    Next pass in 00:17:06
    Predict Pass Details

    My location is NL because I am in the Netherlands.
    If you click on [chance it] and enter your location does
    that make the message "Could not find your location" dissapeare?

    I also use W7 but I dont see any error message.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • Swl   40 weeks 1 day ago

    tx you N5VHO

  • ISS Radio Report   40 weeks 1 day ago

    The Russian crew is not as diligent about turning the SM radio back on after required power down activities.

  • Swl   40 weeks 1 day ago

    Send your reception report to one of the regional bureaus listed on this site.

  • ISS Radio Report   40 weeks 2 days ago

    Thanks very much for clarifing that, I suspected that was the case but I wasn't 100% sure.

    They were both off yesterday (I'm guessing for the 6 hour space walk), they must have turned on the Ericsson when they used it for the school contact this morning and left it on but haven't gotten to the Kenwood yet.

    I only get is S4 on the Ericsson at the peak of the very best passes, but often get S9 from the Kenwood even on marginal 10-20 degree passes. On the last pass here witch was almost 70 degrees I didn't decode a single packet, similar to the original post. I don't know if it's output power or the antenna that is making the difference, but it's very noticeable.

  • ISS Radio Report   40 weeks 2 days ago

    Correct, RS0ISS is the Ericsson M-PA on the Columbus module, which does 4-5 Watts, while RS0ISS-4 is the Kenwood TM D700 system on the Support moudule, capablel of doing 5-25 Watts, this might explain why the recevied quality is so much lower.

    Not sure why the D700 is not on, it could simply be a mistake, or there could be power problems, like there were before.

  • ISS Radio Report   40 weeks 2 days ago

    I only heard RS0ISS, not RS0ISS-4. I'm not 100% clear on this, but isn't RS0ISS-4 the Kenwood D700 and RS0ISS the Ericson, which is way less powerful?

  • ISS timeline?   40 weeks 3 days ago

    Hi Kenneth, Thanks for that....Not as easy to see what is happening as the old format but better than nothing.

    Cheers Dave UZN

  • Black Knight Satellite ... ???   40 weeks 4 days ago

    Interesting Dark Knight Information here: