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  • fm voice   12 weeks 4 days ago

    I feel your pain. Over the past few years, I spent close to a thousand dollars in antennas, hardware, and radios in an attempt to make a voice contact with the ISS astronauts. To this day my ISS log remains empty. I even wrote, and called, NASA. I spoke to Josh Byerly himself, and others, pleading to send a message up to the current crew of the time, to take a few minutes and talk to the "hams" on earth when they pass over the US were during daylight and evening times. Nothing! Before we get into the responses of the crew is to busy to take time from their science, I'll just tell you all now that I've heard it all...from the NASA representatives I've spoke with on the phone and those that took the time to write me via e-mails. While I understand science is important and the US astronauts are kept busy, is a few times a week really to much to ask, or what about on the weekends when the astronauts are to have off time?

    It would appear the days of ham radio activity like Colonel Wheelock provided us is over my friends. I hope this not the case, but since November 2010, it has been. I'm sorry I missed those days, as my equipment was lacking, as was the my knowledge of what was taking place on 145.800/144.490. I certainly hope the multitude of messages of this type, written by myself and many many other "Hams" through out the country, can somehow find there way to the appropriate desk tops, e-mail in boxes, social media accounts, etc., to some how generate ham radio voice communications between the active crews on board ISS and the ham radio operators on earth that are so eager, and have spent countless dollars in equipment and time just to achieve and contact with "The Station"

    Loon W3MAT

  • Trying to hear the ISS - little help to get me started   13 weeks 1 day ago

    Thank you for the information PD0RKC. That explains a lot. I wonder if there are any plans to turn the repeater back on?

  • ISS followed by another object this evening   13 weeks 1 day ago

    I just saw the ISS pass over Karachi, Pakistan NNW to SE appeared at 1823 local time and was viable for about a minute or so.

  • First ISS Contact from Ghana (9G2AA)   13 weeks 1 day ago

    Thanks all for your warm contributions.

  • aprsdroid on HT 5w (vox activated)   13 weeks 1 day ago

    I'll try.
    Do you know any good whip that can handle it? the Yagi is very big...
    Thank you!

  • aprsdroid on HT 5w (vox activated)   13 weeks 2 days ago

    Hello 4Z7IDB,

    The little nagoya 775 whip antenna is not good to receive ISS packet-aprs signals!
    The ISS Erricson handheld radio (for packet) has low power also the oriantation (position) of ISS can mask signals.
    Try a home made hand-yagi and it will go much better!!!!

    73s Cor PD0RKC

  • aprsdroid on HT 5w (vox activated)   13 weeks 2 days ago

    I tried today to send aprs to the ISS with the same settings but it failed, I could see the ISS moving across (visible pass) and the max elevation was 66 degrees. I'm using baofeng b6 with nagoya 775 whip antenna. I didn't know how to point it...
    I also couldn't hear anything from the ISS. I tried to move the antenna to all the directions but nothing but noise....
    Can you help me?
    BTW, do you have any beginners guide for building simple antenna for working satellites?
    73! 4Z7IDB

  • Can never get anything but static   13 weeks 2 days ago


    ISS crew use the Erricson handheld radio for ARISS school contacts over USA and Canada on 145.800Mhz.
    This is a low power radio.
    Packet/aprs is often 24 hours per day active on 145.825Mhz.
    There is always packet/aprs activities above USA and Canada.
    You realy need an "outdoor" antenna!!!
    For example a Diamond X50 does not cost much money and it will improve the receiving results.

    73s Cor PD0RKC

  • Trying to hear the ISS - little help to get me started   13 weeks 2 days ago

    Hello Daniel and Dustin,

    145.800Mhz downlink frequency is for ISS crew in voice or SSTV activities.
    Curently ISS crew is only voice active (on that frequency) for sceduled ARISS school contacts.
    To know when there is a ARISS school contact sceduled for your region look often at the SAREX mail reflector
    Scroll down for the last information from AJ9N.
    437.800Mhz is for ISS repeater mode wich is "not" active anymore!
    Most of the time ISS amateur radio equipment is active with packet-aprs on 145.825Mhz.
    On the findu website you can see the aprs-packet traffic from ISS:
    These signals are easy to hear with your arrows antenna pointing to ISS.

    73s Cor PD0RKC

  • Trying to hear the ISS - little help to get me started   13 weeks 2 days ago

    I have had a similar problem, I am also using an Arrow Dual band antenna and Yaseu VX7R radio. I tried last night (12/27/14) when it passed over. I also tried 145.800 and a few other frequencies I had programmed, I'm thinking either I have my radio incorrectly programmed or the ISS radios are off. I can work Amateur radio satellites fine, just cant hear the ISS.

  • ISS Radio Report   13 weeks 4 days ago


  • ISS QSL Info   14 weeks 1 day ago

    Hello Kai,

    I have sended you an personal e-mail with more information to
    contact F1MOJ.

    73s Cor PD0RKC

  • ISS QSL Info   14 weeks 1 day ago

    Dear Christophe,

    I sent today a QSL Request with 2 IRC and SAE to:

    14 bis, Rue des Gourlis
    F-92500 Rueil Malmaison

    Now I found out (see it on this page) that you changed your address?!

    Do you get it on this address too?

    Please get in contact with me via email:

    73, Kai

  • ISS Radio Report   14 weeks 2 days ago

    Got some great pictures today thanks ZL3MH Murray in
    Christchurch New Zealand

  • SSTV Picture Receive by F5BUJ Muriel Ladère on JN02IU   14 weeks 3 days ago

    Correction of the UTC 12H42

  • FIRST SSTV from Ghana (9G2AA)   14 weeks 4 days ago

    All Nations University in Ghana has set the pace to for West African Universities to actually embrace Amateur Radio Communication.
    We hope ARISS, ARRL, FCC and other Ham Radio Operators to support this great step to advance more knowledge and hands on experience in Radio Communication .
    Benjamin Bonsu KEOCND, 9G1IB

  • FIRST SSTV from Ghana (9G2AA)   14 weeks 4 days ago

    That 's a great achievement by ANUC-ISSL (9G2AA). certainly waiting to establish a voice QSO

  • ISS Radio Report   15 weeks 17 hours ago

    Contact Radio ISS Na1Iss Rs0Iss
    Operetion KF5KDP Luca Parmitano

    20 / 10 / 2013 H 17:11:05 Local tyme

    24 / 10 / 2013 H 18:51:12 ,,

    28 / 10 / 2013 H 17:48 :55 ,,

    My Radio Kenwood Tmd-710 Ts-2000
    N2 Ant 5+5 Dir

  • need info   15 weeks 6 days ago

    Direct contacts are scheduled with students at Istituto Tecnico Statale Economico e Tecnologico “Elena di Savoia"– "Piero Calamandrei”, Bari, Italy, and with State Technical Institute of Technology Alessandro Volta, Bitonto, Italy, via IZ7EVR on Mon 2014-12-15 15:18:40 UTC 44 deg. The contact will be conducted in Italian.

    A very good chance you can hear Samantha :)

  • need info   16 weeks 5 days ago

    have got Amateur Radio Callsign
    so maybe she will be more activ on amateur radio freq.

  • ISS Radio Report 38210   17 weeks 5 hours ago

    ROMA 02.12.2014 Dalle ore 20.49 alle ore 20.52 ho ascoltato nuovamente i segnali emessi presumibilmente dalla ISS. Saluti a tutti da IU0CWB Gianfranco

  • how to sked voice contact ?   17 weeks 12 hours ago

    ARISS school contacts information:
    Scroll down and see AJ9N his messages for latest ARISS school contacts information.

    To receive automatic e-mail with news about ARISS school contacts for Europe subscribe with your e-mail address:
    You also will get news about Samantha Cristoforetti school contacts.

    73s Cor PD0RKC

  • how to sked voice contact ?   17 weeks 1 day ago


    the date of the next school contact for ISS in the next days ?


  • how to sked voice contact ?   17 weeks 3 days ago


    Here you can find the ISS timetable of the astronauts, I found this link from Samantha Cristoforetti (twitter)

    They follow GREENWICH time, I read this information here:

    I'd like to work ISS (Samantha) in this 6 months

    73 to all

  • how to sked voice contact ?   17 weeks 4 days ago

    ISS astronauts have "no" scedule list on internet for random contacts activities!
    The only scedule ISS astronauts have are ariss school contacts.

    Cor PD0RKC


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