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  • min power iss contact   49 weeks 1 day ago

    If packet is active, voice is not. Also the voice-activities is very dependant of the schedule for the crew aboard. Also the personal interest of the crew is point of interest. If they lack interest, fewer QSO's will happen.

    The chance of voice-contacts completely rely on the crew itself.

  • ISS Radio Report   49 weeks 1 day ago

    73 Om de Alfredo Ik1Coa Via ISS

  • I m new her   49 weeks 3 days ago
  • ISS Radio Report   50 weeks 3 hours ago

    tnx to you all and happy new year ON7BRT

  • No signal on 10:44UTC 22/9 Pass - School QSO?   50 weeks 4 days ago

    Hello everybody!

    I am Giovanni, a "radio ham" (HB9HFL) who participated with the Swiss Air Force Museum HAM Radio Club (HB4FR) and the astronaut Claude NICOLLIER (HB9CN) and several pupils of the Gymnasium of Payerne (Switzerland) at the radio contact with the astronaut Thomas REITER (DF4TR) aboard the ISS on Friday 22nd september 2006.

    After some small problems the signal of ARISS was very strong: 59+40 dB! The quality of the radio contact was excellent and the voice of Thomas REITER was loud and clear! Claude NICOLLIER and 7 pupils spoke with Thomas REITER. It was really a wonderful and unforgettable adventure and a fantastic day for amateur radio!

    With my best greetings from Switzerland.

    Giovanni Converso, "Gio" (HB9HFL)

    ( )


    A M A T E U R - R A D I O - S T A T I O N - H B 9 H F L

    Converso Giovanni, Ing. ETS
    Imp. du Coutset, 7
    CH - 1725 Posieux - (Switzerland)

    - Skype: hb9hfl1

    - E-mail:


  • ISS Radio Report   50 weeks 5 days ago

    Visible from italy but no signal

    IK2FWY 73! Lorenzo

  • SSTV   51 weeks 2 days ago

    Keep up the good work! Be careful out there!
    Watching you today from Seymour, Indiana, USA
    southern indiana just north of Louisville.

  • Signal strength ?   51 weeks 6 days ago

    Looks like it... The ground station here (up till a few months back) used 5W tx power, and could make contact on most passes above 15 Degrees, now 25-50W struggles with anything less than 35degrees. I've gone back to 5W and just let it make contact when/if it will.

    Most problems seem to be after the radio change/fault on board


  • Update on Space Station Cooling System Dec. 11, 2013   1 year 5 days ago

    The COL ham radio is one of the systems affected by the electrical shutdowns. The crew has to temporarily swap with another system to perform the school contacts.

  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 1 week ago

    Hello Pascal,

    You never can get the PX prefix registered in an valid Dutch callsign!
    Valid registered Dutch prefixes for amateur radio are PA, PB, PC, PD, PE, PF, PG, PH, PI
    So far I know PX is also not in the foreigner prefix list.
    PP-PY prefix is for Brasil.
    PZ prefix is for Suriname.
    Maybe you use your callsign for CB.
    I wish you good luck if you want to study and do amateur radio exam in the future.
    I was curious but I preffer to close this discussion because the issfanclub is for messages
    about ISS.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 1 week ago

    hello cor PD0RKC

    i am about to use this as an official callsign when i just register it in my country aswell..
    and as i said before it is not registered yet..

    at this moment i am about to license my own callsign at this moment as a new ham radio / packet operator..
    but since the last few years by now there are not any new BBS stations on the moment for now on. and besides, quit the packet radio for some years now..


  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 1 week ago

    PX1MPZ could you explain where this callsign is registered?
    Astronauts aboard ISS are only allowed to make radio
    contacts with official licensed amateur radio operators with
    a valid registered callsign.

    Cor PD0RKC

  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 1 week ago

    Hello ISS packetradio crew..
    it is for me a long time ago 0ver the past 20+ years i have been on packet aswell..
    i readed alot of posts and watching alot of video's from other packet guys in and around the Netherlands on the world.
    and ofcourse the ham radio contacts with KF7ETX if i am correctly. it is very exited how the contacts between the ISS and this person is standing up.. much to learn from as i would say..
    and i have been bizzy the last few days on the Hamsphere3.0 radio with other stations around the world..
    and i wonder if you guys also having an frequency there where you are on to..

    me my self are from the Netherlands myself and about to license this Callsign: PX1MPZ..
    i hope you international space station crews will giving me a call on the hamsphere radio in about 5 / 6 days..
    my callsign there is: 19HS2102

    many 73's from the Netherlands.

  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 4 weeks ago

    Just had a pass, received a couple of packets on 145.825 from RS0ISS and digipeated VK3KAW-10 (473.3kms away).

  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 4 weeks ago

    G'day Wayne,

    The downlink has been back on 145.825 for the past couple of days, and I haven't had any problem receiving on a VX-8GR HT. Are you receiving terrestrial APRS fine?

    Ben VK2FBRB

  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 4 weeks ago

    The ISS is consistently hearing and reporting my APRS packets. I see the reports on I use 2 IDs, k1wdr-6 and k1wdr-9. One is for my terrestrial operations, but I don't remember offhand which is which. (!)
    But, I cannot hear the packets from the ISS on 145.825 MHz. Is the ISS downlink frequency different from the 145.825 MHz that I am using for uplink? Please respond before I go completely bonkers looking for the problem in my new antenna and D-700!

  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 4 weeks ago

    It does look like they left the radio on the wrong setup. Should be changing back to 145.825 soon.

  • min power iss contact   1 year 4 weeks ago

    Yes, this is theoretically possible as the ISS at TCA is only 200 miles up and clear of obstructions. If you live on an island in the South Pacific then this might even be practical but if you have any other operators in the ISS footprint then you will be competing and the strongest FM signal wins. It is kind of like trying to have multiple operators talk at the same time on your local FM repeater.

  • min power iss contact   1 year 4 weeks ago

    To a person with no name,

    You did not tell us in what region you life.
    Above in issfanclub page you see the menu.
    Go to Frequencies.
    Luca Parmitano was the last voice active crewmember.
    Luca recently landed back on earth.

    Cor PD0RKC

  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 4 weeks ago

    Still on 145.800 at 0700Z over VK.

  • min power iss contact   1 year 4 weeks ago

    Sorry, I'm referring to voice contact.
    But can I try every passage on 145.200 Mhz?
    Are there any problems if packet is active?

  • Setting up Radio for doppler effect   1 year 4 weeks ago

    I got a baofeng uv-5ra and how do I program I know it's 145.800 what's the ctss pl code offset and shift I'm know at trying to get should of the iss I'm a nasa buff

  • ISS Radio Report   1 year 5 weeks ago

    The amateur radios are required to be powered down for vehicles arriving, departing the Russian segment and for EVAs. We had a Soyuz arrive, an EVA and a Soyuz depart in short order. Amateur radio should return to service after the school contact on Wed due to the busy crew schedule post Soyuz undock.

  • SSTV   1 year 5 weeks ago

    The ISS Fan Club web page is not a NASA sponsored site. You will need to contact NASA PAO to make this request. Be sure to look at their video site that does provide various views from ISS depending on the time of day and activity. When the crew is sleeping then the view is usually of the Earth.

  • UISS/SatGate Setup   1 year 5 weeks ago

    Thanks for your time and the help. I am going to look at UIView and see if I can get that to work. I am also trying to learn more about APRS and IGates. I think I need to understand the basics before I try setting this up.

    73's Len KF5ELB


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