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  • ISS Radio Report   44 weeks 5 days ago

    I have a good way to be heard by the ISS on aprs. I have made about 7 contacts on aprs via ISS. I use a tm-d710 duel-bander with aprs. I tried to make a video of how it is done but I have to see how it comes out before I post it.

    BTW , my last 2 contacts were this morning, and have made 7 contacts in 6 days so I think I have it down better than when I first started a long while ago.

    Does anyone know if you can QSL for aprs contacts?

  • ISS Radio Report   44 weeks 5 days ago

    Do you know if you can QSL for aprs contacts?

  • Contact With ISS   45 weeks 4 days ago

    Dear Hussein,

    To make a "school" contact with ISS you need to apply for a sceduled ARISS contact.
    Read here for info:
    Keep in mind there is a waiting list.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • problem in web page   46 weeks 6 days ago

    I can see the tracking map with:
    Google chrome version 33.0.1750.146 m

    Also the tracking map is visible with:
    Firefox version 27.0.1

    I can NOT see the tracking map with Internet Explorer 11.
    Version: 11.0.9600.16518IS

    Maybe you can install and trie firefox?

    If that all does not work than contact Alain IZ6BYY.
    Alain made the issfanclub website.
    His e-mail address is alain (at)

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • Cubesats statutus and tracking ???   47 weeks 11 hours ago

    Lists a couple websites and frequencies. I haven't had a chance to explore more.

  • problem in web page   47 weeks 1 day ago


  • Setting up a SGATE on UI-VIEW   47 weeks 3 days ago

    Yep, you and me both, hi hi,, and just to make it even more interesting,, other websites telling me that the guy who designed UI-VIEW got the set up instructions wrong,,!!!!! seeing as roger is no longer with us,, ( went silent key awhile back ) we can't ask him, so, as I and others want to know,, is there a book, or site ,we can go to,, now ,,before you all start telling me to read the manuals that came with most tnc's , the older one's don't even talk about aprs,,, yes, that's right, back in the good old days, aprs was not about, and it was enough fun getting a tiny2 and baycom, or winpack to work, but they did,,anyway , I digress, so somebody please help us, before we pull out all of our hair in frustration ,,hi hi,, ( I know I should have taken up Stamp Collecting, )

  • Satgate server for   47 weeks 3 days ago

    Thought you might like to know,, Where you have Server,, this is a dead link,,, if you put in front of it,, it downloads the new list of servers, thanks for the heads up,

  • Satgate server for   47 weeks 3 days ago

    Right, seeing as some people don't want to tell us how to use APRS, I have found a website, which is run by Ralph Milnes NM5RM, which explains how to use the AGWPE Packet Engine, A Virtual Tnc , and by following the page, was able to set up UISS , so that it decoded packet from the ISS and other places, the page also shows how to do the transmit side , with leads, etc, from the pc to the radio, now, unless I'm mistaken, hi hi,, it says on the page concerned that you cannot use UISS through the internet, So, it's back to the drawing board as regards to UI-View, surely ,Some of these Stations that get digipeated through ISS every hour, on the hour, take note, PD0RKC, G7UZN, and others, can at least take the time to explain how they set up the pathways, I mean, It's not to much to ask, Is it,,?????

  • ISS Radio Report   48 weeks 2 days ago

    The repeater has not been active for over 4 years.

    Cheers Dave UZN

  • UI-View32 access to ISS - newbie   48 weeks 2 days ago

    More dead links...maybe I figured it out long ago and no one else has yet is why there are so few igates for ISS?

  • Setting up a SGATE on UI-VIEW   48 weeks 2 days ago

    No wonder...2004-02-23 12:48

  • Setting up a SGATE on UI-VIEW   48 weeks 2 days ago
  • UISS/SatGate Setup   48 weeks 2 days ago

    I am still confused about AGWPE with UI-VIEW or AGWPE with UISS programs.
    If UI-VIEW32 can send and gate,what purpose is UISS?
    And why you can not achieve map position on with UI-VIEW?
    Very confusing and at one point,started using UI-VIEW as an Igate and UISS to send my position.
    Unfortunately,Google aprs >!lat=43.32217&lng=-77.75983 seems not to like all the packets from when you send data too many times.
    Somehow someone needs to explain this in basic steps with minimum software to achieve Gating AND sending APRS postitions.
    My question is as confusing as the software :)

  • Satgate server for   48 weeks 4 days ago

    Hi there ,Cor , PD0RKC, seeing as I can see your digi's being retransmitted via the ISS, how have you got your UNpronto path set up, ??? it's been a long while since I used UI-VIEW, and did not really understand it the first time around, hi hi,, now, I only tend to use a TNC to transmit Packet directly , Since The PK-232 is not a great lover of UI-VIEW or anything else other than it's own software, So I use the Internet to send out info, NOW, here's the problem, having done everything as said above, the fact that my packet is not being relayed must be something to do with either or both the Unpronto path and ,or the Status line, Any help you can give me would be much heeded, yours Andy , G!EGZ.....

  • QSO via ISS bounce on 1296 MHz   49 weeks 3 days ago

    Tonight we were able to complete an QSOvia ISS Bounce on 1296 MHz even in SSB.
    If anyone is interested in a try, please contact me.

  • Satgate server for   50 weeks 22 hours ago

    Thanks Cor for all the help!

    73! Marcis

  • Satgate server for   50 weeks 1 day ago

    Yes its normal your aprs/packet beacons (received via ISS) not pass trough your igate to the aprs findu website.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • APRS packet using Kenwood TS2000 and UISS software   50 weeks 1 day ago

    I have contacted the MIR and previous U.S. Space Station before (along with AO-13), I think the key to receiving a good signal is a sensitive preamp in the receive antenna. Also, I think you may have to put in a notch filter on the transmit side so you don't blow out your receive antenna. The Yaesu G5500 is a good one as long as you have a satellite/rotor interface program that is capable of moving your antennas with the ISS signal, as it moves above your location. Also, most good signals which are receivable, should be at least 10 degrees above your location.

    It seems like the set-up you have is top notch, but you need an experienced ham with some on-air contacts - to actually get you on the air and receiving/transmitting packet data and understand how to tweak your set-up.

    73's n7nxv (formerly OA4DAU)

    (P.S. you might want to check on the set-ups of hams and other us entities that are receiving the microsat signals)

  • Satgate server for   50 weeks 2 days ago

    Finally tested the igate software on this evenings pass.
    Succeed to forward lot of packets.

    Interesting that my icon did not show in ariss map even though I got four successful ISS aprs repeats and our callsign even showed in others "heard" packets.

    Could it be that igates dont show on map?

  • Satgate server for   52 weeks 23 hours ago

    Hello Marcis,

    If you put your radio and computer 24 hours on you can see next morning on findu ISS aprs site
    the stations you have received via igate.
    And you can also put UISS at smart beacony so it TX automatic your beacons when your radio
    and computer received the first beacon from ISS.
    Over a couple of days the ISS orbits comes earlier to the evening.

    Good luck,

  • Satgate server for   1 year 4 hours ago

    After opening port 14580, it connects like a charm! Only ISS passes our station in middle of the night these days so cant test igate yet...

  • APRS packet using Kenwood TS2000 and UISS software   1 year 1 day ago

    Congratulations again To CoEP Satellite Initiative VU2COE & College of Engineering Pune

    The persistence of the team appears to have worked through all issues and they can now digipete and receive packets!

    Great job.


    Kevin KF5FUZ

  • What aerial do you use?   1 year 1 week ago

    i have a Watson w2000 collinear +8db on 2 meter band on the atic . Very good if the ISS is in low elevation ( 10- 25° )

    the doughnut shape in the horizontal diagram makes it bad on the high elevation ( +45°) even a 1/4 wave GP is better

    a Wimo log periodic manual tracking makes 9+ singals !! bertje ON7BRT

  • What aerial do you use?   1 year 1 week ago

    Thanks to all those that took the trouble to inform us of your setup.

    Cheers Dave G7UZN