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  • Yaesu FT1XDE   28 weeks 6 days ago

    Cheers David - What does URQXU1 mean ?
    73's from Jon

  • Yaesu FT1XDE   28 weeks 6 days ago

    Hi Jon,

    You could certainly give it a try. I'm not really sure what the settings are on the FT1XDE for sending messages as I always use UISS software where the call sign goes into the TX APRS Message box. Is there a setting like NWS, EMAIL, SAT or BLN where you could put the call sign into.? Perhaps someone else can assist here.!!
    I see URQXU1 is shown after your call sign on possibly the radios compressed GPS location details for APRS.

    There is a YouTube video for APRS setup on FT1D not sure if it's the same as yours or with similar settings.

    73 David

  • Yaesu FT1XDE   29 weeks 41 min ago

    Hi David,

    If I want to send you a message do I just use ARISS,G7HCE that is your callsign instead of WIDE1-1 ? If so I'll try the pass at 20.49 UTC.
    73's Jon

  • Yaesu FT1XDE   29 weeks 11 hours ago

    Hi Jon,

    Saw you in my MHeard list tonight at 21:43 UTC pass as ISS approaching towards Cork and sent you a message. Have got some video of the pass on YouTube. Plenty of station activity on the main 3 evening passes. PSAT (N0-84) was also on the same footprint/frequency at start of the passes so I deleted those packets. Stations still logging into RS0ISS-1 bbs at peak times which makes it hard for others to get digipeated. I was only using a 1/4 wave 2/70 mobile Omni low down in the garden.

    20160207214507 : G7HCE]CQ,RS0ISS*,qAR,ON7EQ-10::G4NEY-7 :great to see you up here
    20160207214422 : G7HCE]CQ,RS0ISS*,qAR,M0REM::HEARDlast:ON3LTM,G4DCQ-8,HB9EMM,G4NEY-7{UISS54}
    20160207214256 : G4NEY-7]URQXU1,RS0ISS*,WIDE1-1,qAR,CU2JX:`v[;l -/`]73 to the ISS crew :from :Jonathan :G4NEY_$

    73 David G7HCE

  • I am looking for I.S.S. aprs ssid   29 weeks 1 day ago

    Thanks a lot Kenneth, I update my aprs settings !

  • Yaesu FT1XDE   29 weeks 1 day ago

    Really chuffed David. Signal from ISS wasn't too good on the FT1XDE, I've heard it much stronger on my Yaesu TH-K20E. I sent the APRS packet manually whilst holding a 2m Moxon and wearing a head torch.....they neighbours would have been amused. I will post some pictures on when I get a chance....73 de Jon

  • Yaesu FT1XDE   29 weeks 1 day ago

    Hi Jon,

    Well done see you G4NEY-7 made it via the ISS digipeater and onto using WIDE1-1.

    20160206210029 : G4NEY-7]URQXU1,RS0ISS*,WIDE1-1,qAR,EI7IG-10:`v[:l#S-/`"3R})Jon nr Cambridge_$

    73 David G7HCE

  • Yaesu FT1XDE   29 weeks 2 days ago

    Cheers David. I'll give it a try tonight. There should be a good pass at 20:57 UTC tonight.
    73 Jon
    G4NEY (Willingham, Cambs)

  • Yaesu FT1XDE   29 weeks 3 days ago

    Hi Jon,

    Don't use the handheld myself but either ARISS or RS0ISS is the APRS digipeater call sign (ie: CQ VIA ARISS). There appears to be a number of mobile stations using a mixture now for the unproto path.
    145.825 Mhz FM TX/RX UP/DOWN
    Try any of these path's see which works for you. Unproto Path: ARISS or ARISSS,WIDE or ARISS,WIDE1-1 or ARISS,WIDE2-1 or ARISS,WIDE2-2 or ARISS,SGATE,WIDE2-2 or RS0ISS.
    Additional information can be found here: and
    Turn squelch off to hear the static. Look forward to seeing your call on
    73 David

  • I am looking for I.S.S. aprs ssid   29 weeks 3 days ago

    RS0ISS is the current callsign for packet digi in the Columbus module on ISS. The digi alias is ARISS.

  • ISS Radio Report   29 weeks 3 days ago

    The Kenwood D700 that supported this function was in the Russian segment and has been replaced by a Kenwood D710 that was only configured to support SSTV operations.

  • Russian EVA - Feb 3   29 weeks 4 days ago

    Did you see this report:

  • ARISSat-1_last good image 2012 DL2AMM   29 weeks 5 days ago

    de best SSTV

  • Russian EVA - Feb 3   29 weeks 5 days ago

    On 121.750Mhz I've received some "noise" similar to speech for few seconds, does anybody heard something?

  • ISS Radio Report 40615   29 weeks 5 days ago

    Yes looks like radios are powered down for tomorrows EVA.
    I will check again on next pass at 21:12 UTC 87 deg pass.
    Last station worked UTC 20160202191428 : LU5PMA

  • ISS Radio Report 40615   29 weeks 5 days ago

    Looks like they turned the packet radio off just after passing over S. America.

  • Recordings of recent SSTV activity on ISS   30 weeks 4 hours ago

    I have recordings of perfect receptions from both the April event (Yuri Gagarin) and the July event (Apollo-Souz). Let me know if you need any more recordings.

  • Recordings of recent SSTV activity on ISS   30 weeks 7 hours ago

    Hello I'd be very interested if you would please share the links.
    I have a few audio snips from here in the UK you can find them in the some sstv and some voice.

    It would be great to add to the collection and save the links for future projects and share with my Children once they get a bit older.

    Thanks very much

    James Preece M0JFP / 2e1avx
    zeiavx@** (remove stars)

  • Recordings of recent SSTV activity on ISS   30 weeks 1 day ago

    Thanks to everyone who contacted me. I now have four or five excellent recordings that I can process using MMSSTV to give great images.

    Thanks for all your help.

    Steve G0KYA

  • Recordings of recent SSTV activity on ISS   30 weeks 3 days ago

    I have some audio recording of SSTV event occurred on 18 and 19 Jul 2015 (Apollo-Soyuz Commemorative Event).

    If you are interested in, I'll send the download link via email.

    Let me know.

    Denis Maggiorotto, IU1DKC

  • SSTV happening on this 23-24?   30 weeks 6 days ago

    I see that PSAT (NO-84) had a pass nearer that time and possibly heard packet on the same 145.825 frequency which has been quite strong on an omni of late and maybe logged it for SSTV by mistake.

  • SSTV happening on this 23-24?   30 weeks 6 days ago

    I suspect is was an error when entered into the website. I am always suspicious of single entries for activities related to ISS.

  • ISS BBS/MAILBOX   30 weeks 6 days ago

    The ISS is currently using the Ericsson (5 W) handheld radio located in Columbus module for packet and voice operations. On rare occasion the Russians use a Kenwood D710 (10 W) located in the Service Module for SSTV.

  • ISS BBS/MAILBOX   31 weeks 2 days ago

    Does anyone know what radio they are now using and is it the same power as before or a lot less? I am only hearing them now on the very higher passes.


    WB3FKP Mark

  • SSTV happening on this 23-24?   31 weeks 2 days ago

    Right after i posted this here i had a pass... max of 78 degrees and I didnt copy anything either... that's very strange!!

    Lets keep an eye on the Twitter page then... and hope it wont be delayed again!



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