Crew Kicks Off New Week of Research

ISS Status Report

Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 26 Commander Scott Kelly worked with several experiments Monday, including Sleep-Wake Actigraphy and Light Exposure During Spaceflight-Long. The experiment examines the effects of spaceflight and ambient light exposure on the sleep-wake cycles of the crew members during long-duration stays on the space station. The data collected will aid in understanding the effects of spaceflight on sleep as well as in the development of effective countermeasures for long-duration spaceflight.

Additionally, Kelly worked on the Marangoni experiment, a fluid physics experiment that observes the flow of a fluid driven by surface tension.

Flight Engineers Oleg Skriphochka and Alexander Kaleri installed some hardware to support the Russian Molniya-Gamma experiment, which measures gamma splashes and optical radiation during terrestrial lightning and thunder conditions.

Kelly also realigned