Russian Cargo Craft Launches

ISS Status Report

The ISS Progress 43 spacecraft, loaded with three tons of fuel, air and supplies for the Expedition 28 crew aboard the International Space Station launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at at 10:38 a.m. EDT Tuesday. The unpiloted Russian vehicle will dock automatically to the aft port of the station’s Zvezda service module Thursday via the Kurs automated rendezvous system.

The European Space Agency cargo ship that previously occupied Zvezda’s aft port until 10:46 a.m. Monday, the “Johannes Kepler” Automated Transfer Vehicle 2, was commanded to deorbit to its fiery demise Tuesday afternoon.

To prepare for the arrival of Progress 43, Flight Engineers Alexander Samokutyaev and Sergei Volkov conducted a training session Tuesday with TORU, the Russian telerobotically operated rendezvous system. The crew can use TORU to monitor the docking of a Progress spacecraft with the station or take control of the process if difficulties arise.

Meanwhile Commander Andrey Borisenko conducted some routine maintenanc