School contact with the ISS on friday 13th july 2012

Hi All,
We are a bunch of radio amateurs who are helping at a school fair to raise money for the school and also we have been showing the childeren for the science projects how radio works etc.

We will have a special event station set up at the school on Friday 13th july 2012, we will be active on HF 2m and 70cm. Our call sign will be GB0RBL and we are so wanting a short contact with the iss as she passes us on that morning........

Our school childeren would be blown away if we could just have one message, and we know that the crew are so busy but, if it could be possible it would be amazing....

So i am begging on my knees please please please could we do this!!!

Best 73 and long live ISS

Dave M0GGK , Russ M0ISQ, Kevin M0XDJ.

M0GGK – Mon, 2012 – 04 – 02 08:01