Operate the PCSAT-2 PSK repeater (tips & tricks!).

Hello All,

Today I saw 2 stations via de PCSAT2 PSK repeater.
I have e-mailed the stations that I have received them, and
asked some operation info.
Read the info (from G3PLX) below (tnx to Peter for the info!)..

73's Cor PD0RKC
The 29MHz transmitter is USB on 29401.0 kHz, with
the PSK31 software sending an audio tone
between 500Hz (at the start of the pass) and
1700Hz (at the end of the pass).
So my radiated transmission is PSK31 carrier starting
at 29401.5 kHz and ending 29402.7 kHz.
The receiver in PCSAT2 is USB on 29401.1kHz, so it
receives the signal from
me (now with zero Doppler on exactly 29402.1 kHz) to
give 1000Hz audio tone in the -
speaker (except there is no speaker on the satellite!).
This 1000Hz tone is FM-modulated to the 435.275MHz -
carrier in the satellite transmitter, and although the FM
carrier you receive moves with +/-10kHz Doppler,
the FM modulation has NO Doppler shift and you receive