ISS Tracking

When using a Tracking Software to view an object such as the ISS, would I be correct in saying that if the object is in the Northern Hemisphere then the [b]Lattitude[/b] data would have a + sign? Also, If the object is in the Northern Hemisphere would the [b]Declination[/b] data still have a + sign? I am using Orbitron at the moment and when tracking the ISS the data for Lattitude shows a + when in the Northern Hemisphere but the Declination data shows a - sign. I thought that anything above 0 degrees (ie, Northern Hemisphere) showed a + and anything below 0 degrees (ie, Southern Hemisphere) showed a - sign irrespective of whether it was Lattitude or Declination. Am I understanding this data incorrectly? Thanks.
Amm1UK – Fri, 2006 – 03 – 03 16:03