Are you going to apply for a 25th Anniversary special certificate

89% (24 votes)
4% (1 vote)
Maybe (See comment for how)
7% (2 votes)
Total votes: 27
N5VHO – Tue, 2008 – 12 – 16 08:56

Cerificate info

The info is near the bottom of this article
It basically says to send in your report to one of the ARISS QSL bureaus with "25th Anniversary Certificate" on the outside of the envelope and wait.

Kenneth - N5VHO
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Submitted by N5VHO on Tue, 2008-12-16 09:00.

postal cost

how do i pay for postal cost?

73 / 88

Submitted by 9w2key on Thu, 2009-01-08 00:01.

Use an IRC or green stamps

Include a couple of IRCs (International Reply Coupons) or "green stamps" (dollars) with the self addressed envelope.

Kenneth - N5VHO
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