During 1996, a group of amateur radio operators involved in the communications with the MIR Space Station, decided to join into the "Mir Fan Club". In a very short time over 1200 enthusiasts from all over the world asked to participate, including Cosmonaut Valery Korzun, while leading crew #22. Nowdays MIR is not flying anymore, but here we are again with the same spirit and the same enthusiasm for the ISS, the new International Space Station.

Three Space Station Crews Get Ready for Relocation, Launch, Landing

ISS News

International Space Station crews commuting to and from their orbiting laboratory will be busy this November, and NASA TV will provide live coverage of their launches, landings and relocations.

N5VHO – Thu, 2013 – 10 – 31 17:06

LIVE: NASA TV Airs September Space Station Crew Launch

Space News

NASA Television will provide extensive coverage live from Kazakhstan of the Sept. 25 launch of three crew members of Expedition 37-38, as they begin their journey to the International Space Station.
Michael Hopkins of NASA and Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazanskiy of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) will depart from the Baikonur Cosmodrome at 4:58 p.m. EDT (2:58 a.m. Kazakh time Sept. 26) aboard a Soyuz spacecraft headed for the space station. NASA Television coverage will begin at 4 p.m. and will include video of pre-launch activities leading up to spacecraft boarding.

N5VHO – Tue, 2013 – 09 – 24 11:38

Soyuz Landing Coverage Set for NASA Television

ISS News

NASA Television will provide live coverage Tuesday, Sept. 10, as three of the crew members on the International Space Station return home, ending more than five months in space.

N5VHO – Tue, 2013 – 09 – 10 10:55

Ham Video delivered to ISS

ISS Amateur Radio

The ARISS Ham Video transmitter is presently onboard Columbus. The transmitter was delivered by Japanese cargo spacecraft HTV-4, which launched August 4 and docked 5 days later.

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano IR0ISS reported that the bags are stored in Columbus. There are two bags: one for the transmitter, the other for the power, camera and antenna cables.

N5VHO – Thu, 2013 – 08 – 22 10:58

IR0ISS Logbook available

ISS Amateur Radio

Francesco IK0WGF (AMSAT Italy) informed us that the IR0ISS callbook is now available via QRZ.COM.

The log can also be consulted at the following url's:

- http://www.ik1sld.org/ir0iss
- https://reports.zoho.com/ZDBDataSheetView.cc?DBID=412218000000293001

alain – Sat, 2013 – 08 – 17 13:49

Luca Parmitano (NA1SS) - 2013 BSA National Jamboree, Mount Hope, WV, USA, 1535 UTC on 20 July 2013

Luca Parmitano (NA1SS) speaks to scouts at the 2013 Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree at Mount Hope, WV, USA, at 1535 UTC on 20 July 2013 via K2BSA. He answered the following questions:

1. Were you in Scouting as a youth or as an adult leader?
2. In Scouting we practice “Leave No Trace”, meaning that we leave campsites as we found them. How do you practice “Leave No Trace” in space?
3. I am working on the Robotics Merit Badge and would like to know how robots are being used on the space station.
4. Have you ever put up a satellite in space?

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AL0I – Sat, 2013 – 07 – 20 17:38

HamTV Project to Open 'A New Era' for ARISS


The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS http://ariss.rac.ca/) program hopes an Amateur Radio digital TV system will be up and running aboard the International Space Station by later this year. A project initiated by AMSAT-Italy http://www.amsat.it/, HamTV would provide one-way video and audio from the ISS to complement the FM radio voice link used for ARISS school group radio contacts.

PY4MAB – Sat, 2013 – 07 – 13 18:59

Ham video for the ISS announced by ARISS


ARISS-Europe Chairman Gaston Bertels, ON4WF has drafted an overview of a new 'Ham Video' DATV downlink system on S-Band being developed for placement on the International Space Station later this year.

PY4MAB – Mon, 2013 – 06 – 17 14:38

Scott Kelly 1 yr mission

Space News

If you haven't heard NASA has announced that Scott Kelly will be at the international space station for an entire year this will be the longest mission to the ISS that has ever happened the mission will start in April of 2015 and end in April 2016 the point of this mission is to see how humans can live in space for a year the prepare humans for the journey to mars

griffinh – Fri, 2013 – 04 – 26 14:56

Commander Chris Hardield OR4ISS - Innalik School, Inukjuak, Nunavut, Canada - April 12,2013 - 17:29 UTC

An International Space Station school contact has been planned with participants at Innalik School, Inukjuak, Nunavut, Canada on 12 April. The event is scheduled to begin at approximately 17:30 UTC. The duration of the contact is approximately 9 minutes and 30 seconds. The contact will be a telebridge between OR4ISS and IK1SLD.

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IK1SLD – Fri, 2013 – 04 – 12 13:29

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