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Return of ARISS packet radio

If you have missed APRS and packet radio from ISS (as ARISS has), you'll be happy to hear that a replacement system is on its way. When the packet module aboard ISS died in late 2017, the ARISS hardware team was heavily involved in design and safety certification of the new Interoperable Radio System (IORS). After basic troubleshooting and a few attempts to revive the failed module, we decided to dedicate our time to IORS and get it - with its packet and other capabilities - aboard ISS as soon as possible.

N5VHO – Thu, 2018 – 08 – 02 11:14

UHF BBS via 437.550


Hello all and hope you get a chance to try a contact with the UHF station on-board ISS.
I left bulletin on the box and hope for replies.

Snip of my connection Nov. 11, 2011

VE1WRG>RS0ISS-1/1: <>:J

Logged on to RS0ISS's Personal Message System
on board the International Space Station
VE1WRG USER 00/00/00 00:25
UT1HZM USER 00/00/00 00:27
N5VHO -7 USER 00/00/00 00:17
M0BIC USER 00/00/00 00:32
DF2MZ USER 00/00/00 00:01
VE7EES USER 00/00/00 00:17

VE1WRG – Wed, 2011 – 11 – 16 12:33

PCSAT Recovery status

PCSAT Recovery Status:

Still no joy on recovery.
Still too many unattended stations overloading the bird while we are trying to command it.

I get command on the first ascending pass each day (PCSAT over atlantic, out of view of most USA). But next passes are impossible. Today, I plotted packet-attempts-by-PCSAT (noise bursts by ear) and noticed an astonishing 3 times heavier load over the USA compared to over the atlantic. Of these dozens of packet attempts, only 2 decoded.

But now that I can tell by ear the huge difference in attempted packets by PCSAT when it is over the USA, I can see why we are having problems. And the sun angle gets worse every day for a chance at recovery.

N5VHO – Fri, 2008 – 12 – 12 12:57

Three Packet Satellites Available on 145.825 MHz

Bob, WB4APR reminds satellite packet operators of the opportunity of up to 25 passes per day for 2-way keyboard communications with simple packet equipment on 145.825 MHz uplink and downlink.

The 145.825 MHz frequency includes ARISS aboard the ISS, ANDE and PCSAT-1 operating at 1200 baud. Recently GO-32 became available on 435.225 MHz for 9600 baud communications.

APRS Igate Packet gateway stations copying these three packet digipeater satellites on 145.825 feed to the two web pages: and

For additional information regarding the GO-32 435.225 MHz 9600 baud operation see:

PY4MAB – Mon, 2007 – 10 – 08 18:16

PCSAT2 Special FM voice operations on Tuesday 12th

PCSAT2 on ISS continues to operate its FM voice downlink on 437.975 on most passes during waking hours. Since the Shuttle has been delayed for several days, and passes are 20+ minutes earlier each day, this results in passes during the Naval Academy's morning classroom hours in the USA area next week.

PY4MAB – Thu, 2006 – 09 – 07 17:27

Packet BBS

Packet was load and clear during this last pass at 7:30am est. here in Fl. But I was not able to connect to the BBS..?? Is it not the -11 anymore.?? I connected to the -3 first try though. Any news on that.?? 73

N1HVH – Mon, 2005 – 10 – 24 03:04

ISS Digi Down.. How about PCSAT2?

From Scott Avery, WA6LIE:
Who knows when the ISS digipeater will be in service again.I know everyone at ARISS is doing what they can to get it going.
In the meantime... how about PCSAT2?
It is a crossband digipeater.
145.825 Uplink and 435.275+- Doppler Downlink.

Most of us have dualband radios these days.

PY4MAB – Fri, 2005 – 09 – 16 05:02

ISS amateur radio status (Sept 14)

From Kenneth, N5VHO:
The Kenwood packet system on 145.80 (145.99 uplink) seems to be having trouble again. First the BBS failed a couple of weeks ago and now the digipeater seems to have stopped working too. The crew was asked to cycle the power on the radio yesterday (Sep 13) but the system seems to have not recovered yet. In previous cases, the system eventually was restored.

The packet system on PCSAT2 is still functioning on 435.275 (145.825 uplink) and science data telemetry (9600 baud) is still being down linked on 437.975


Kenneth - N5VHO

IK1SLD – Wed, 2005 – 09 – 14 14:13


I have been trying for sometime to connect to the ISS with winaprs with no luck.. I run across this site with some software that works great. I made contact with RS0ISS on my attempt. Thank you ON6MU


KD4PQF – Sun, 2005 – 09 – 04 20:02

PCSAT2 packet mode!

Hello All,

The PCSAT2 PSK repeater had some techincal problems, now PCSAT2-packet is switched on.
It means all amateurs can operate crossband packet!
The PCSAT2 callsigns are: ARISS and PCSAT2

Frequency uplink: 145.825Mhz FM
Frequency downlink: 435.275Mhz FM

Doppler(RX)on UHF goes 3 times faster compared to VHF.
More information about PCSAT2 you can read:

PCSAT2 weblog page:

Info came from: WA6LIE, N5VHO, 9W2QC (tnx!).

Good luck!

73's Cor PD0RKC

pd0rkc – Fri, 2005 – 09 – 02 20:26

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