ISS Amateur Radio

ISS Amateur Radio

ISS Voice QSO with 5 watts

ISS Amateur Radio

I have a 4 element Yagi beam installed on a tripod in my balcony. This is the antenna I use for VHF communications. It's a fix mount, so I can't rotate or elevate the antenna. I have pointed towards North and aproximately about 5 degrees elevation.

CT1ETE – Fri, 2002 – 10 – 04 20:52

Channels stored in Ericsson MP-A radio onboard ISS

ISS Amateur Radio

Info from Frank H. Bauer and Miles Mann.
A1 - B1 - B6 ? How many channels ?
Frank:"The Ericsson MP-A radios have a bank of 64 discrete frequency channels.
Four zones (A-D) with 16 frequencies in each zone".

IK1SLD – Wed, 2002 – 10 – 02 15:19

Scott WA6LIE remarks about MAREX-NA Bulletin

ISS Amateur Radio

Submitted by Scott WA6LIE
I had the same type of experience with MIR.
We had a good evening pass which was visible!!
To boot, I had several neighbors outside watching MIR pass overhead.

emilce – Tue, 2002 – 10 – 01 12:45

ISS Amateur Radio Status: Sep. 29, 2002

ISS Amateur Radio

By Miles Mann WF1F
Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division

Great ISS evening voice pass.

On the evening of September 29 2002 at 23:50 UTC the amateur radio community in the eastern half of the USA were treated to a very rare space station event.

IK1SLD – Tue, 2002 – 10 – 01 12:40

Visual contact at South Carolina Wings Weekend - Sep. 28, 2002

ISS Amateur Radio

Submitted by KD4SFF
Hi All
I attended the South Carolina Wings Weekend held at the Greenville downtown airport, which I assisted with an amateur radio display.
The guest speaker at Saturdays evenings Wings dinner was South Carolina astronaut / ISS Expedition 3 Cmdr Frank Culbertson Jr.

IK1SLD – Tue, 2002 – 10 – 01 12:22

Progress M-9 Docking - Message from Valery Korzun

ISS Amateur Radio

We have just received a message from the Commander Valery Korzun aboard ISS about Progress M-9 docking scheduled for today in the evening 17:05 UTC.

IK1SLD – Sun, 2002 – 09 – 29 19:09

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