ISS Amateur Radio

ISS Amateur Radio

Shot for IFC

ISS Amateur Radio


can anybody ask Garriott to take a shot for the Iss Fan Club with some greetings and send it via SSTV?

Thank you all


alain – Tue, 2008 – 10 – 21 13:33

Help needed in Fine-Tuning SSTV on ISS

ISS Amateur Radio

Miles WF1F of MAREX-MG has requested help in the fine tuning of the Amateur Radio Slow Scan TV (SSTV) system now operating on the International Space Station (ISS).

In an email on the AMSAT Bulletin Board (AMSAT-BB) he writes:

We need your help in fine tuning the SSTV system on ISS.
Here is how you can help.

VOX Delay:

There is an intermittent problem with the VOX box that controls the transmitter switch on the radio. When the VOX hears sound coming from the Laptop, it will turns on the D700 Transmitter. When the sound stops, the transmitter should shutdown in 2-3 seconds.

We need you to listen to the end of the SSTV signal and time the delay.

PS8RF – Thu, 2008 – 10 – 16 15:41

Richard Garriott already active on Amateur Radio

ISS Amateur Radio

Looks like Richard Garriot is wasting no time up there.
Just hours after the docking he made his first contact over North America reporting that he will be on SSTV since "next pass".

Antennas up!

alain – Tue, 2008 – 10 – 14 11:10

SSTV on AO-51 this weekend

ISS Amateur Radio

This weekend AO-51 will operate in a special mode in anticipation of Richard Garriott's visit to the ISS. Richard's launch is currently scheduled for October 12th, with docking at the ISS on the 14th. Richard plans on being very active from the ISS ham station, including extensive operation with Slow Scan Television (SSTV).

In preparation for this event, AO-51 will be configured with dual repeaters for the weekend of October 11th and 12th. The primary repeater on AO-51 will be configured with an uplink on 1268.700 FM and downlink of 435.300 FM, and will be designated for this period as an SSTV repeater. Users are encouraged to exchange SSTV images in ROBOT 36 mode, as an opportunity for others to practice receiving SSTV images from space before the ISS activity. Please keep the images transmitted to space-related themes, and to the ROBOT 36 mode. Polite and courteous operation among those sharing the uplink is crucial to the success of this mode.

N5VHO – Wed, 2008 – 10 – 08 16:14

New AMSAT Videos available from Dayton

ISS Amateur Radio

We recorded videos of an AO-51 pass and of all the AMSAT Forum presentations at Dayton 2008. You can find out the latest on the current satellite projects, AO-51, AO-16, AMSAT Operations, ARISS and the ACP satellite and ground station progress. Barry, WD4ASW moderated the Forum.

Thanks to Steve Belter, N9IP for doing the recordings and Mike Young, WB8CXO for the video equipment and converting the tapes to this format. Thanks to Gunther and Rob Meisse for hosting the videos at the WMFD site.

The following videos are clickable if you have Windows Media Player (or equivalent) installed on your computer. The URLs can also be pasted into other compatible viewers.

N5VHO – Wed, 2008 – 06 – 18 17:01

Future MarexMG Proposes Projects

ISS Amateur Radio

The Marex team is constantly working to keep access to ISS Affordable and Fun. Attached are list of project proposals that we are currently developing. Your support is always welcome.

PY4MAB – Sun, 2008 – 02 – 10 10:00

ISS Crossband repeater active

ISS Amateur Radio

A report from 9W2QC from Malaysia indicates the crossband repeater on ISS is currently active. It should stay operational until the unit must be shut down for the undocking operations of the Progress 27 on Feb 4. Frequencies are 437.800 MHz uplink and 145.800 MHz downlink. Keep in mind the extreme Doppler on the uplink and it is highly recommended that you operate full duplex to see if you are making it through or interfering with another station unknowingly.

Enjoy and good luck.

Kenneth - N5VHO


PY4MAB – Fri, 2008 – 02 – 01 10:15

VIDEO recorded inside ISS, Brasil astronaut making QSO's with hams!

ISS Amateur Radio

Hello All,

This is the first time that I saw a VIDEO from an astronaut making random QSO's with hams (the video was recorded inside ISS!).

Brasil astronaut Marcos Pontes (PYØAEB) made a QSO with Fabiano (PY5RX) at 03-April-2006 (14:34utc). At 21 April 2006 Marcos Pontes was already back on earth and had a speech (about his ISS mission) in Bauru city (Brasil). Fabiano was invited to come on stage to meet Marcos Pontes personaly in front of a big audiance. Fabiano gave Pontes a DVD with video & audio recordings which was madeby Fabiano and Brasil TV station PARANA.
At 13 November 2007 Fabiano have received a video from - Marcos Pontes which was recorded by US astronaut Bill McArthur in ISS.

pd0rkc – Wed, 2007 – 11 – 14 05:50

ISS Angkasawan

ISS Amateur Radio
9w2AN – Sun, 2007 – 10 – 14 14:29

Kenwood Radio Status update

ISS Amateur Radio

On Monday, May 21, Sunita Williams, KD5PLB, was able to restore a few commonly used configurations in the Kenwood radio. One of the modes that was partially restored was the packet system, although the operations will be on 145.825 simplex. Configurations of general voice communications and those used to support school contacts were also saved. A full restoration of the radio is required for a fully functional radio system. This requires access to a computer system and certification of the required software.

PY4MAB – Tue, 2007 – 05 – 29 20:56

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