ISS Amateur Radio

ISS Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio on the ISS needs your help

ISS Amateur Radio

Gaston Bertels informs us that ARISS-Europe needs fund in order to complete the installation of the L/S antenna the ISS columbus module.
If you ever wanted to contribute to the ISS Amateur Radio development its time to do it now.
They still need 18.000 Euro so every little donation is important.
If you are a real ISS fan please donate a few dollars (or euro).

Here is the request from Gaston:

13 March 2007


ESA has accepted the installation of an amateur radio station onboard the

alain – Tue, 2007 – 03 – 13 19:05

Next Space Tourist is Radio Ham

ISS Amateur Radio

On Thursday, December 14, astronaut Tim Kopra and future space participant Charles Simonyi took and passed their amateur radio license exams.

Callsigns have since been issued. Charles Simonyi received the callsign KE7KDP and Timothy Kopra was issued the callsign KE5LUT.

Charles Simonyi KE7KDP an architect of Microsoft's Word and Excel programs, paid Russia more than $20 million for a round-trip ride to the station and a stay aboard the orbiting lab during April.

PY4MAB – Sat, 2007 – 01 – 27 12:33

SpaceCam1 Status January 9

ISS Amateur Radio

The SpaceCam1 Imaging project on the International Space Station was activated last summer between July 30th and August 26, 2006. The ISS Commander Pavel Vinogradov had a few seconds of spare time last summer to activate and test the SpaceCam1 Slow Scan TV software (SSTV). He was able to prove the whole Amateur Radio system on ISS with antennas, radio and SSTV software would work together as planned. All of the cables, Antenna, radio, pc connections and software were tested. After the testing was complete, the Borrowed Laptop computer had to be returned to a higher priority project. At the present time the Amateur Radio station does not have a dedicated flight qualified laptop assigned to the program. In order to work, the dedicated laptop must be one of the few flight certified versions that NASA uses.

PY4MAB – Tue, 2007 – 01 – 09 17:33

Space plasma experiment "Shadow" onboard ISS

ISS Amateur Radio

This night Sunday November 26 at 04:35-04:55 UTC and 06:10-06:32 UTC will be conducted the Space PLASMA Experiment from International Space Station over Europe. A total of 206 Amateur Radio operators are registered to the project collaborating with the Central Research Institute for Machine Building (TsNIIMASH) in Korolev and 140 or more of them will be involved this night.
TsNIIMASH participates in all Russian (USSR) space programmes since 1946 when was established.
Transmissions from ISS will be at 145.800 MHz standard packet 1200 baud to test the plasma effects on the communications.
This will be a "COLD" test without Plasma engine active but very important the same to test the amateur radio network on earth.

IK1SLD – Sat, 2006 – 11 – 25 12:44

Mikhail Tyurin active over North America

ISS Amateur Radio

After months of inactivity, the ISS is finally back on voice.
Mikhail Tyurin has been heard twice over North America answering questions to unidentified ground stations.
The contacts are unknown and not part of any official Ariss activity.
The uplink probably wasn't the standard one since many stations all over the US and Canada tried to have the contact unsuccessfully.

alain – Sat, 2006 – 11 – 18 16:43

Miss Ansari contacts a station in Brazil

ISS Amateur Radio

Miss Ansari has had a contact with Piraja PS8RF from Teresina Piaui.
They talked about Astronaut Marcos Pontes.


PY4MAB – Wed, 2006 – 09 – 27 17:28

Ansari to try and talk with licensed ham radio youth

ISS Amateur Radio

US businesswoman Anousheh Ansari, will travel to the ISS on September 18 as part of the Russian Soyuz "taxi mission," and hopes to try ham QSOs from space. Ansari had decided originally, not to do ham contacts after realizing her heavy schedule didn't allow her to study for her ham exam. She was scheduled to fly in 2007, but when Daisuke Enomoto was grounded due to medical issues, her ETA was moved up. Ansari was trained on the ISS radios by the Russian ARISS Team quite a few months ago. Now, she has decided to go for a potential QSO with students at George Washington University, her alma mater, on September 22 by taking advantage of a U.S.astronaut as her Control Operator.

N5VHO – Sat, 2006 – 09 – 16 20:15

PCSAT-2 removed

ISS Amateur Radio

As indicated by this article on SAREX ( ) the "materials exposure experiment" also known as PCSAT-2 was removed during the third EVA of STS-115. The last reported signal posted to ( ) was on Sept 14, 2006 at 2010 and 25 seconds UTC. The experiment will be returned to Earth by Atlantis for continued study.

Additional information on PCSAT2 is available at

N5VHO – Sat, 2006 – 09 – 16 11:11

Space Station SSTV "babyface" picture!!!

ISS Amateur Radio

Hello All,

At 28 august I have received an e-mail from DE2SHD/DH5ABC.
I was supriced cause inside the e-mail I saw a ISS SSTV picture
with a babyface.
Also David Barber G8OQW sended me a ISS SSTV.

The ISS SSTV pictures are shown on my website:
If you sroll down on the main page you see 9 more.

In case if more people have received ISS SSTV pictures
please send them to:

73's Cor PD0RKC

pd0rkc – Tue, 2006 – 08 – 29 12:07

ARISS Operations

ISS Amateur Radio


The ARISS team has been quite engaged with Pavel Vinogradov as he continues
the testing and verification of the SSTV system on ISS. We expect this to
continue over the next few weeks.

Those active on the bands have noticed that the Kenwood radio system has
been up and down over the past week or so. This is expected to continue as
Pavel checks out the SSTV software, configures and optimizes the radio, and
performs the integration checks necessary to make the SSTV system as
autonomous as possible. Since this is a "spare time" activity for Pavel,
please bear with us as we go through this aspect of system setup. It is

pd0rkc – Wed, 2006 – 08 – 16 11:31

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